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Ignis the Furnace Master, Healer Guide

Updated 4 months, 1 week ago for patch 3.4.1 by Preston. View the change log.

Ignis the Furnace Master Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a healer-focused strategy for Ignis the Furnace Master in Ulduar in Wrath of the Lich King. While it's tailored for healers, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

This guide has been updated and maintained based on my own experiences with the encounter, combat log information, and Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.

Ignis the Furnace Master ModelGeneral Mechanics and Abilities

  • Don't stand in front to avoid Scorch and the Scorch patch left behind.
    • Players hit take light damage over time, and players inside the patch take light damage over time.
    • Iron Golems (noted below) inside the Scorch patch gain stacks of Heat and become Molten at 10-stacks.
  • Every 45-seconds, targets a random player with Slag Pot, placing them in the pot on Ignis' back and dealing heavy damage over time.
    • If the affected player survives, they gain Slag Imbued, greatly increasing Haste.
  • Activates an Iron Construct every 30-seconds with Activate Construct.
    • Iron Construct
      • The tanks will be dealing with light melee damage, plus abilities detailed below.
      • To effectively kill these, tanks can manuver them around to gain the following series of debuffs:
        • While inside Scorch patches (detailed above), gains stacks of Heat, increasing Haste and movement speed.
        • At 10-stacks, becomes Molten, greatly increasing Haste and dealing light damage over time to all players within 7-yards.
        • While Molten, can be brought into nearby water, where it becomes Brittle.
        • While Brittle, if 5000 damage is dealt to it, it Shatters. Killing the Golem and dealing moderate damage to all players.
  • About every 25-seconds, deals light damage and light damage over time to all players, and interrupts any spells being cast, with Flame Jets.

Ignis the Furnace Master ModelHardmode Differences

  • Ignis the Furnace Master does not have a hardmode.


Ignis the Furnace Master ModelHealing Notes

Quick Notes, All Difficulties

The notes below mostly pertain to progression difficulty, meaning if you out-gear the difficulty you're on or use extra healers they may not apply.

  • Use Major Cooldowns on
  • Use Minor Cooldowns
  • Pre-heal Before (mainly for heal over time classes)
  • Other things to watch for
    • The tank with Molten Iron Golems may need significant healing, depending on the number of Iron Golems.
    • Be prepared to use external defensive cooldowns on the player targeted by Slag Pot.

Ignis the Furnace Master ModelDebuffs to Track


  • Slag Pot causes players to need additional heavy healing over time.

Ignis the Furnace Master ModelUseful Addons

Ulduar DBM Import Code for Healers - +

To use this import code, install the Deadly Boss Mods addon, type /dbm in your chat, expand the Wrath of the Lich King header in the left-hand panel, click on the Ulduar heading, click on the Load AddOn button in the right-hand panel if necessary, click on the Import Profile button, paste the code into the box and click Import. Note that importing this code will replace all of your current settings for all Ulduar bosses.

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