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Void Reaver, Healer Guide

Updated 1 year, 10 months ago for patch 2.5.2 by Preston. View the change log.

Void Reaver Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a healer-focused strategy for Void Reaver in Tempest Keep/The Eye in The Burning Crusade. While it's tailored for healers, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

This guide has been updated and maintained based on my own experiences with the encounter, combat log information, and Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.

General Mechanics and Abilities

  • The tanks will be dealing with the knock back and threat drop from Knock Away.
  • Stay more than 18-yards away to avoid Pounding.
  • Avoid the impact locations of Arcane Orb, which are targeted at the location of random players.
  • After 10-minutes, goes Berserk, greatly increasing attack speed and damage dealt.

Healing Notes

Quick Notes

The notes below mostly pertain to progression difficulty, meaning if you out-gear the encounter or use extra healers they may not apply.

  • Use Cooldowns on
  • Pre-heal Before (mainly for heal over time classes)
  • Other things to watch for
    • Most of the healing should be required by the tanks and melee players.
    • If mana and healing permit, you can help damage the boss.

Debuffs to Track

  • There are no particular debuffs to track.

Useful Addons

DBM Settings

Below are the DBM settings I'll be using for Void Reaver in Tempest Keep/The Eye. You can set them up however you'd like, but these ones should work well as a starting point.

Healer DBM Settings for Void Reaver Thumbnail
Healer DBM Settings for Void Reaver


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