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Odyn, Healer Guide

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Odyn Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a healer-focused strategy for Odyn in the Trial of Valor. While it's tailored for healers, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

This guide has been updated and maintained based on my own experiences with the fight as well as Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.

General Mechanics and Abilities

Normal and Heroic

Odyn is a Three-Stage fight, during which Odyn once again tests your mettle to make sure you're tough enough to face Helya.

Stage One - might of the valarjar (add phase)

During this Stage, you fight Hymdall and Hyrja while Odyn is on the sidelines. The Stage ends when both Hymdall and Hyrja reach 25% (at approximately the same time).

Shared Abilities
  • Hymdall and Hyrja must be tanked at least 35-yards from each other, or they gain Valarjar's Bond.
  • Both bosses must also reach 25% health at about the same time so they do not heal themselve with Revivify.
  • Avoid Dancing Blade.
  • Stay 15-yards away from Hymdall to avoid damage from Horn of Valor. If you must be in melee-range, run away from the boss when this is cast.
  • When affected by Expel Light, move at least 8-yards away from other players.
  • Players will need to help soak damage from Shield of Light.
    • The area to soak travels in a straight line from Hyrja, through the targeted player. If you're standing anywhere in this line when the ability is cast, you'll help mitigate the damage.
  • Draw Power will be used periodically.
    • This actives Runes on the floor around the room and spawns several Valarjar Runebearers.
      • Runebearers fixate on random players and display a large Rune symbol above their head.
      • To be killed, the fixated players must bring the Runebearer to the corresponding Rune to remove the Runic Shield buff.
      • The Runebearers must die on top of their Rune to deactivate it.
    • Upon reaching 100 energy (about 30-seconds) Odyn will cast Unerring Blast.
      • You must have all Runes deactivated before this point or Unerring Blast will likely kill the group.

Stage Two - the prime designate (odyn with adds)

During this Stage, you will be fighting Odyn directly, with Hymdall and Hyrja joining in periodically on Heroic.

Hymdall and Hyrja
  • On Heroic, these bosses will now join the fight one at a time in set intervals, and still be affected by Valarjar's Bond if they're tanked too close to Odyn.
  • They use all of the same abilities as in Stage One.
  • Bringing them to 85% health will force them to leave the fight again.
  • The current tank will take steadily increasing damage due to Odyn's Test.
  • Avoid the initial impact locations from Spear of Light.
    • After summoning Spears, Odyn almost immediately uses Shatter to destroy all active Spears, dealing more damage to the group with each Spear that's active.
    • Beware of the resulting Glowing Fragment, they're small holy balls that travel outward from the Spear. Touching one will deal moderate damage and stun you.
  • Draw Power will continue to be used, and functions the same way it does in Stage One.

Stage Three - the final test (odyn alone)

  • When Stormforged Spear is used, the current tank will need to run as far away from the boss as possible. The raid will take light to moderate damage no matter how far the tank makes it.
  • When affected by Storm of Justice, run to the outside of the room before it expires so the resulting Raging Tempest is out of the way.
  • Arcing Storm deals steadily increasing damage to random players.
  • Avoid standing in the areas of the room affected by Cleansing Flames.
    • The room is divided into three sections: left, right, and center. One area will be clear to stand in at a time
    • Odyn will periodically change which section is clear, so be ready to move quickly.

Mythic Differences

Stage One - might of the valarjar (add phase)

  • As Valarjar Runebearers are killed, and their Rune is deactivated, players are given corresponding Branded debuffs.

Stage Two - the prime designate (odyn with adds)

  • Players must continue to gain the Protected buff during this Stage as Runebearers are killed.

Stage Three - the final test (odyn alone)

  • Odyn uses Runic Brand, applying a random Rune to each player.
    • After 6-seconds, when Odyn reaches full energy, he casts Radiant Smite, dealing heavy damage to all players.
      • Each player triggers an Echo of Radiance, dealing moderate damage to other players with in 15-yards.
        • Players are immune to this damage when it's coming from players with the same Rune. This means stacking matching Runes together is the best way to survive.
        • In an emergency, you can run away from the rest of the group, so no other players are with in 15-yards, but of course there isn't enough space for all players to do this at the same time.

Healing Strategy

Healing this fight should be relatively easy assuming Draw Power is handled properly.

Stage One - might of the valarjar (add phase)

  • Be prepared for the moderate group-wide damage from Horn of Valor.
  • Players who are soaking Shield of Light will need moderate healing.
  • The group will need moderate healing when Unerring Blast is cast, assuming the Valarjar Runebearers are handled properly. If they are not handled properly and one is left alive, the group will probably be killed.

Stage Two - the prime designate (odyn with adds)

  • If the tanks don't swap on time, the current tank may need extra healing or an external cooldown due to Odyn's Test.
  • When Shatter is used, the group will take light damage.
    • Be aware of any players hit by Glowing Fragment, they will need moderate healing and may also be hit by other mechanics due to the stun.
  • Damage from Unerring BlastHorn of Valor, and Shield of Light will often overlap with Shatter. Be prepared to use a group-healing cooldown to top players off.

Stage Three - the final test (odyn alone)

  • The tank affected by Stormforged Spear may need an external cooldown if they can't make it far enough from the boss.
    • The raid will also take light to moderate damage, regardless of how far the tank makes it.
  • The group will need moderate healing when Storm of Justice is used. If any players are stacked, they'll need even more healing.
  • Random players will take increasing damage from Arcing Storm.
  • It will be important to keep players near full health as much as possible during this phase, due to the random nature of the damage going out.

 Debuffs to Track

  • Expel Light will cause players to take moderate damage, and players nearby to take critical damage.
  • Stormforged Spear will cause the tank to take heavy damage, you should track it so you know when to top them off or use an external cooldown to help them survive.
  • (Optional) Glowing Fragment can be tracked so you know which players are stunned and may be hit by other mechanics they could otherwise avoid.

 DBM Settings

Below are the DBM settings I'll be using for Odyn. You can set them up however you'd like, but these ones should work well as a starting point. Some settings may be Mythic only.

Healer DBM settings for Odyn Thumbnail
Healer DBM settings for Odyn


Heroic, Restoration Druid PoV

Below is a video of me and my guild defeating Odyn on Heroic difficulty. There is no commentary, only game sounds.

Mythic, Restoration Druid PoV

Below is a video of me and my guild defeating Odyn on Mythic difficulty. Again, there is no commentary, only game sounds.

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