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Odyn, DPS Guide

Updated 6 years, 6 months ago for patch 7.2 by Virendra. View the change log.

Odyn Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a DPS-focused strategy for Odyn in Normal and Heroic Trial of Valor. While it's tailored for DPS, other roles may also find the information useful. The information below is based on the live dungeon journal as well as available information from the PTR. Once the raid goes live, this guide will be updated. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @VirendraDG.

 General mechanics to know about

The first encounter of Trial of Valor is a test from Odyn to see if players are worthy of being his champion against Helya. To defeat the three phase encounter, you'll fight Hymdall, Hyrja, and Odyn.

Stage One: Might of the Valarjar

  • Hymdall and Hyrja start off the encounter together. Valarjar's Bond reduces the damage each takes by 99% if they are less than 35 yards apart. They will need to be separated. They do not share health.
  • When Hymdall or Hyrja reach 25%, they will begin casting Revivify, restoring themselves to full health if the 10 second cast completes. To interrupt the cast, bring the other add down to 25% as well.
  • Hymdall's Abilities
    • Periodically uses Dancing Blade at a random target, summoning a whirlwinding sword. Move out of the blade.
    • Horn of Valor deals massive damage to anyone within 15 yards of Hymdall and deals extra damage to players within 5 yards of each other.
  • Hyrja's Abilities
    • Hyrja will cast Expel Light on a random player, causing them to explode and deal heavy damage to themselves and anyone within 8 yards of them after 3 seconds.
    • When casting Shield of Light, Hyrja will fixate a random player and blast them with a beam of light. The damage from this ability is split among all players in the blast.
    • Once Hyrja and Hymdall reach 25% within 10 seconds of each other, they leave the field and Odyn joins the battle.
  • Odyn's Abilities
    • When Odyn begins to Draw Power, all the runes in the room activate, and certain players are marked with corresponding runes above their heads. These players are then fixated by one of five Valarjar Runebearers that are summoned. The raid has 30 seconds to kite the Runebearer to the correct rune and kill them there to disable the rune. For example, the player with the purple rune over their head needs to run to the purple rune and stay there until the Valarjar Runebearer has been killed on the rune. Runebearers cannot be damaged until they get to their rune.
    • After Odyn reaches 100 energy from Draw Power, he uses Unerring Blast, a raid-wide AoE that deals more damage for each active rune.

Stage Two: The Prime Designate

  • In addition to the Draw Power / Rune mechanic, Odyn gains a new ability.
  • Periodically, Odyn will summon 3 Spear of Light near players. The Spear deals damage where summoned and expels 5 Glowing Fragment. Move away from the Spear and dodge the Glowing Fragment.
  • Odyn will use Shatter to destroy all the spears as soon as they spawn.
  • On Heroic, Hyrja and Hymdall periodically rejoin the battle. Valarjar's Bond is still active, so drag them 35 yards apart. They only need to be damaged to 85% before leaving the fight again.

Stage Three: The Final Test

  • Odyn no longer uses Draw Power or Spear of Light.
  • Odyn will mark several players with Storm of Justice. Players have 5 seconds before they are struck by lightning and deal damage to themselves and every player within 8 yards. A Raging Tempest will be summoned where they are struck. Run the storms out of group and drop your tornadoes far away from the raid.
  • Arcing Storm targets a random player and deals a bit of damage. The damage ramps up over time.
  • Cleansing Flames covers up a large portion of the field, dealing holy damage every second. The damage also ramps up the longer you stay in the field. The raid will have to move to a clean area and continue the fight.
  • Due to the nature of Cleansing Flames, Arcing Storm, and the presence of Raging Tempest, use your strong DPS cooldowns and Heroism/Time Warp/Bloodlust at the start of this phase.

 DPS Strategy

  • Stay 5 yards apart whenever Hyrja and Hymdall are up.
  • Move into Shield of Light's beam to split damage.
  • Pay attention to runes during Odyn's Draw Power.
  • Dodge Spear of Light and the Glowing Fragment. After the Spear's initial summon, run into it to shatter it. Use a personal cooldown if needed.
  • Run Storm of Justice out and away from the raid.
  • Use your strong DPS cooldowns at the start of Phase 3.

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