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Helya, DPS Guide

Updated 6 years, 6 months ago for patch 7.2 by Virendra. View the change log.

Helya Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a DPS-focused strategy for Helya in Normal and Heroic Trial of Valor. While it's tailored for DPS, other roles may also find the information useful. The information below is based on the live dungeon journal as well as available information from the PTR. Once the raid goes live, this guide will be updated. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @VirendraDG.

 General mechanics to know

To defeat Helya and release Odyn from her curse, the raid will have to overcome her Three Stage fight. Helya has a lot of moving parts, and a lot of debuffs to keep track of. Groups will need to be coordinated to soak the appropriate abilities and to move when necessary. Personal responsibility is a must when determining whether you can survive a soak or not.

Stage One: Low Tide

  • Helya will summon Orb of Corruption which deals pulsing shadow damage and fixates on players. Every time a player takes damage from it, the next hit deals 100% more. If there is an orb in your area, run away from the bulk of the group.
  • Helya breathes out Bilewater Breath in a frontal cone for massive damage. Move out of her cone.
    • During Bilewater Breath, several Bilewater Slimes are created. When summoned, they deal a moderate amount of damage to anyone within 5 yards.
      • Bilewater Liquefaction causes the slime to burst, dealing damage based on its remaining health and also forming a damaging pool on the ground, also based on remaining health.
  • Periodically, Helya's tentacle will appear at the front or back of the arena. It will use Tentacle Strike to deal heavy damage split among all the players in the impact zone. If nobody is struck, the entire raid will be one-shot. Depending on where the tentacle is, ranged or melee groups will need to soak the impact.
  • Helya will randomly target a player and debuff them with Taint of the Sea. Taint of the Sea explodes for light raid-wide damage when dispelled or expires. After, it leaves a Tainted Essence which explodes after a short time, dealing moderate damage to everyone within 8 yards. Players affected with Taint of the Sea need to run to a designated spot (or just away from the raid) to drop their Tainted Essence. Conversely, stay aware of Essences in case they are dropped too close.
  • If nobody is in melee range, Helya will cast Corrosive Nova, dealing raid-wide damage and dealing more damage with each cast.

Stage Two: From the Mists

  • Stage Two starts at 65%. Helya retreats, leaving the raid to deal with her tentacles and a number of adds. Defeat enough Gripping Tentacles to wound her and force her back to shore. Much of the damage in this phase starts stacking, so the raid needs to force her into Stage Three before the damage is overwhelming.
  • Fury of the Maw will deal light damage and push players away. It deals more damage with every cast.
  • Torrent targets several players and deals light damage and also gains a stacking damage buff.
  • Grimelord's Abilities
    • Sludge Nova deals moderate damage and knocks back anyone within 15 yards. Melee needs to run out of this.
    • Applies Fetid Rot to several players. Fetid Rot is a stacking disease DOT that also reduces healing taken. When dispelled, it deals damage and applies another stack to anyone within 5 yards.
  • Nightwatch Mariner's Abilities
    • Mariners will cast Lantern of Darkness when they reach full energy. If allowed to cast, this ability will quickly wipe the raid.
    • Periodically the Mariner will use Give No Quarter to charge a location and deal heavy damage to anyone within 8 yards of his target.
  • Decaying Minion's Ability
    • Decaying Minions will fixate random players and chase them.
    • An aura of Decay deals constant damage to players within range.
    • Vigor - The Minion periodically gains a 10% damage increase Vigor stacks, meaning the Decay aura will eventually overwhelm the healers.
  • This phase is add-management while still killing enough Grasping Tentacles to bring Helya back to shore. Nightwatch Mariners must be prioritized before Lantern of Darkness is cast. Add Priority Order should look something like this: Nightwatch Mariner > Grimelord > Decaying Minion > Grasping Tentacle.

Stage Three: Helheim's Last Stand

  • Helya re-emerges and continues her onslaught.
  • Orb of Corruption will fixate players, dealing pulsing damage. Players take more and more damage from each pulse. If fixated, kite the orb away from the raid.
    • The orb will also create patches of Decay which have a damaging aura.
  • Helya continues to cast Taint of the Sea - deal with this the same as Stage One. She will also continue to use Fury of the Maw. The wave from this ability will clear the field of patches of Decay.
  • Helya will use Corrupted Breath, dealing heavy damage in a frontal cone. Move out of the cone when she starts casting. Corrupted Breath will summon several Corrupted Axions.
    • Corrupted Axions will shoot a beam at a location, dealing moderate damage and absorbing the same amount of healing for 30 seconds to anyone within 5 yards of the impact location. If it doesn't hit anyone, the entire raid gets the debuff. When soaking this ability, either make sure you are near full-health or pop your personal cooldown, or both.
  • Nightwatch Mariner and Decaying Minion will continue to spawn. Nightwatch Mariner will have more health in Stage Three and should still be killed before reaching full energy.

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