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Elerethe Renferal, DPS Guide

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Elerethe Renfearl Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a DPS-focused strategy for Elerethe Renferal in The Emerald Nightmare. While it's tailored for DPS, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @SquidWonder.

This guide will be updated as needed.

Normal and Heroic

The information below pertains to Normal and Heroic difficulty. Heroic only-mechanics are specifically noted.

General mechanics to know about

  • Stay away from Surging Egg Sacs
  • When affected by Web of Pain, stay within 20 yards of your partner.
  • Move out of group when afflicted with Necrotic Venom
  • Run over pools of venom when afflicted with Twisting Shadows
  • Stay away from tornadoes
  • Stand behind Elerethe to avoid Razor Wing
Stage 1 - Spider Form
  • Elerethe will cast Web of Pain randomly, linking two pairs of players together. If the pair is more than 20 yards away from each other, this damage doubles. Stay close to your partner.
  • If Necrotic Venom is cast on you, run out of the group to drop your pools. Pools continue dropping for 5 seconds, so keep moving until it expires. Consider a defensive cooldown to help survivability.
  • When Elerethe ascends to her web, run with the group to the other side of the platform to minimize her Vile Ambush impact.
  • Be aware of Surging Egg Sacs - walking too close to one will cause it to explode for a lot of damage and spawn Skittering Spiderling adds.
  • Elerethe ascends to her web around 10 seconds into the encounter, so wait to use Heroism/TimeWarp/Bloodlust until she has changed platforms and the whole raid has made it over.
Stage 2 - Roc Form
  • Players will randomly be targeted by Twisting Shadows. While you have the debuff, run over venom pools to clear them. After the debuff expires, a tornado drops at your location. Drop it away from the raid and stay away from any existing tornadoes.
    • In Heroic mode, the tornadoes that form after Twisting Shadows will also disperse Venomous Pools, but every time a pool is dispersed, two players will be targeted by a burst attack which deals splash damage to nearby allies. In this case, avoid dispersing pools.
    • Handling this mechanic requires heightened raid awareness and necessitates clumping the Venomous Pools as close together as possible and avoiding dropping tornadoes on pools.
  • Elerethe will cast Gathering Clouds as she gets ready to change platforms, pushing the raid back. Take care not to be pushed into venom pools or Surging Egg Sacs.
  • Follow the raid to the next platform during Dark Storm. Tornadoes and Surging Egg Sacs are all over, so dropping to another bridge might be required. When running across the web bridges, Venomous Spiderlings will spawn. Do NOT kill Venomous Spiderlings on the bridge. Doing so will cause the raid to take heavy damage when they change platforms and will likely result in a wipe.
  • When Elerethe takes off, she drops 9 Shimmering Feathers. If you are assigned to pick up a feather, you can jump over the tornadoes and slow fall. More importantly, you get an extra action button that will cause you to forcefully land at a location. The impact will kill any Venomous Spiderlings it hits. Because they still draw venom pools when killed, take care to kill the Spiderlings away from the raid.
  • Elerethe will cast Razor Wing periodically, so do not stand in front of her.

DPS Strategy

  • Pop your cooldowns at the start of the fight.
  • Manage adds effectively: kill Skittering Spiderlings when they spawn, and strategically kill Venomous Spiderlings away from the group and not in the raids’ path.
  • Focus on surviving Dark Storm. Getting hit by tornadoes or Surging Egg Sacs will likely kill you during this phase.
  • Do not drop venom pools or tornadoes on the raid.

DBM Settings

Make sure you are alerted when targeted by Necrotic Venom, Twisting Shadows, and Web of Pain.

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