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Invasion Points and Bosses Guide

Updated 5 years, 4 months ago for patch 7.3.5 by Preston. View the change log.

This page contains quick guides for all of the Invasion Point bosses in Legion. None of the fights are particularly complicated, nor are any of the mechanics particularly deadly, but knowing how to handle everything can make things that much easier. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

The guides have been updated and maintained based on my own experiences with the fights as well as Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.

Invasion Point Mechanics

Each Invasion Point biome has its own unique mechanics that can be active, regardless of which boss you're fighting. Some of them are buffs, some are hazards, but not all of them are active at the same time. I'll do my best to make note of all of them below.

Mushroom Biome

  • Energized Vines will sometimes be present, with one of the following effects.
    • The vines will be clickable and allow you to run through the small mushrooms on the ground to gain a damage and healing buff.
    • The vines will not be clickable and will periodically stun players standing near them.
  • Be aware of the poison patches left behind when enemies are killed.
  • Try to avoid the Fel Enraged Shamblers.
    • They're not required to complete the Invasion Point and can complicate the fights.
  • Avoid the Madden Spores clouds moving around the biome.

Pine Forest Biome

  • Small trees will sprout up around the biome, standing in them grants a large haste buff.
  • Avoid the entangling roots that follow players around, these can be run into adds to root them.

Arctic Biome

  • Stand near a brazier when you receive a raid warning about Flash Freeze.
  • Avoid the frost orbs floating around the biome.
  • Avoid the blizzards moving around the biome.
  • Don't let your stacks of Crippling Cold get too high, you can reduce them by standing near a brazier.

Lava Biome

  • Avoid the lava bombs that fall randomly around the platform and the resulting lava pools after the land.
  • Be aware of the explosive orbs or lava patches left behind when enemies are killed.

Twilight Forest Biome

  • During the early stages in this biome you can stand inside the purple domes to gain a haste buff. 
  • When affected by Temporal Precognition, move to your arcane clone to gain a damage buff.
  • Avoid the random impact locations of arcane meteors.

Blood Lake Biome

  • Watch out for the blood grenades dropped by demons when you engage them.
  • Avoid the stun line from blood tentacles that periodically spawn on players.



Invasion Point Bosses

It's my understanding that any boss can appear in any biome, but we'll know for sure as more weeks pass and we've seen more bosses.

Invasion Point Boss Rotation: At this time, the Invasion Point boss rotation seems to be random, with one boss available each week. Very similar to how traditional world bosses work.

Matron Folnuna

Matron Folnuna Dungeon Journal Model

  • Tanks will be dealing with Infected Claws.
  • Avoid Slumbering Gasp when Folnuna reaches 100 energy.
    • Players that are put to sleep can be freed by dealing damage to them.
  • Interrupt Fel Blast.
  • Avoid impact locations from Grotesque Spawn.
    • Random imps will spawn from these locations and should be killed quickly
      • Fiery Tricksters cast Fel Firebolt, which can be interrupted.
      • Felblaze Maniacs cast Scorching Presence on themselves, disorienting any player that touches the ring.

Mistress Alluradel

Mistress Alluradel Dungeon Journal Model

  • Tanks will be dealing with Sadist.
  • Don't stand in front of the boss to avoid Fel Lash.
  • Face away from Alluradel when she casts Beguiling Charm.
  • Heart Breaker deals moderate damage over time and should be dispelled.


Inquisitor Meto

Inquisitor Meto Dungeon Journal Model

  • Tanks will be dealing with Reap and Sow.
    • Don't stand in front of the boss to avoid the cleave effects from these abilities.
  • Seeds of Chaos will be placed around the boss.
    • Players can stand in these to reduce their size, taking light damage over time.
    • After 15-seconds these explode, dealing damage to all players based on their size.
  • Avoid the Death Field cone when it's targeted on random players.


Occularus Dungeon Journal Model

  • The tanks will be dealing with several abilities.
  • Avoid the fel orbs summoned by Phantasm.
  • Players affected by Eye Sore take heavy damage over time.


Sotanathor Dungeon Journal Model

  • The tanks will be dealing with Soul Cleave, which deals damage split between the current tank and everyone within 5-yards.
    • It's likely this will just be split between the main tank and off tank, but it's possible to split it with several non-tank players if needed.
    • Being hit applies Cloven Soul, increasing shadow damage taken.
  • Silence silences all players, regardless of if they're currently casting or not.
  • When affected by Seed of Destruction, run away from the group.
  • Avoid the Wake of Destruction from Cavitation and Seed of Destruction.


Pit Lord Vilemus

Pit Lord Vilemus Dungeon Journal Model

  • The tanks will be dealing with Drain, and must swap to prevent losing too much maximum health.
  • Stop casting during Stomp.
  • Avoid the Fel Breath cone cast random players.


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