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Chronomatic Anomaly, DPS Guide

Updated 6 years, 1 month ago for patch 7.2 by Virendra. View the change log.

Chronomatic Anomaly Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a DPS-focused strategy for Chronomatic Anomaly in The Nighthold. While it's tailored for DPS, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @VirendraDG.

This guide has been updated and maintained based on my own experiences with the fight as well as Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.

General Mechanics and Abilities

Normal and Heroic

  • Passage of Time will periodically affect your casting time, movement speed, and cooldowns. This is the main gimmick of this fight, as it affects how much time you have to react to the other mechanics. There is a set order in Normal and Heroic: Normal->Slow->Fast->Normal->Fast->Slow. The first four transitions are triggered by interrupting Power Overwhelming.
  • Burst of Time targets several players with an orb that explodes when it hits the ground. Move away from the area.
  • Time Bomb places a bomb on a random player for a varying amount of time. That player has the duration of the debuff to get as far away from the group as possible before exploding.
  • Waning Time Particle adds will leave a Temporal Rift upon death
    • Warp Nightwell is an interruptible cast that deals raid-wide damage and deals more damage with each successive cast. On Heroic, this ability becomes uninterruptible at 30%.
    • Defeat these adds quickly so that your tanks can use the Temporal Rift to interrupt Power Overwhelming.
    • Chronomatic Anomaly takes increased damage for 15 seconds after a tank interrupts Power Overwhelming.
  • Four Fragmented Time Particles spawn after a Waning Time Particle is defeated. They repeatedly cast Warp Nightwell.
    Since there are four of them, they can be very dangerous. Kill these quickly, and be sure to use AoE stuns if you have them.
  • Temporal Orbs will damage anything in their path. Avoid them.

 DPS Strategy

  • Run away from the raid when targeted by Time Bomb. Keep in mind you have more time during Slow phases and much less time in Fast phases.
  • Kill Waning Time Particles quickly so that tanks can pick up Temporal Rifts to interrupt Power Overwhelming.
  • When the group of four Fragmented Time Particles spawn, use AoE stuns to control them while you damage them down. Melee DPS should take caution not to pick up the Temporal Rift. Tab target the Fragmented Time Particle instead of clicking.
  • My group used Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp to bring down a group of adds during "Fast" time because the increased amount of Warp Nightwell casts could have potentially overwhelmed the raid. My recommendation is use your strong cooldowns when it works best for your raid, whether that's pushing adds or waiting for the damage increase on Chronomatic Anomaly.

 Mythic Differences

  • All abilities continue from Normal and Heroic, but hit harder.
  • Two Waning Time Particles spawn at a time instead of one. They spawn equidistant of the Chronomatic Anomaly and on opposite sides. This means the raid will have to split up to deal with both. An even split is not advised, as pushing both adds below 30% and making Warp Nightwell uninterruptible at the same time can wipe the raid.
  • Chronomatic Anomaly cycles through Slow, Normal, and Fast time in a different order than Normal and Heroic.
    • He starts out with Normal but changes to Fast time 35 seconds into the fight.
    • He changes to Slow time after the first Power Overwhelming is interrupted.
    • He changes back to Fast time after the second Power Overwhelming is interrupted.
    • Preferably, the fight will end during this second Fast time.

 Mythic DPS Strategy

  • Continue dodging Temporal Orbs and Burst of Time.
  • When both Waning Time Particles spawn, run to your assigned add and kill it quickly. Interrupt any Warp Nightwell casts.
    • Kill the four Fragmented Time Particles that spawn. Use stuns and interrupts to keep them from also casting Warp Nightwell.
    • Try not to click these adds. Use Tab targeting when able, as it is extremely easy for melee DPS to accidentally pick up the [Temporal Rift] in the middle of the adds. If this happens, do not panic! Prioritize staying alive and listen for instructions on when to interrupt Power Overwhelming.
  • Save strong DPS cooldowns for bursting down problematic add spawns. If adds are managed effectively without them, use Heroism/Time Warp/Bloodlust to burn down Chronomatic Anomaly, preferably during Fast Time or during the first 35 seconds of Normal time before anything happens.
  • Consider setting up a Weak Aura to tell you when you are affected by Time Bomb and how much time is remaining. Get as far away from the raid as possible before exploding.

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