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Mistweaver Monk Talents and Builds

Updated 5 years, 5 months ago for patch 7.3.2 by Tyler. View the change log.

Below you'll find details on how each Mistweaver Monk talent functions and what its best use conditions are. Mistweaver talents allow you to customize your setup for any encounter, be it single-target healing, group-healing, or utility. This information is geared towards new and intermediate players, so I've done my best to avoid lots of math or complex theories. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page or tweet @Daemagor.

Talent Builds

The talent section is currently being rebuilt, so in the mean time use these lists along with the information below to choose your builds! As always, don't be afraid to customize talents to the encounter or your group's composition.


  1. Chi Burst
  2. Tiger's Lust/Personal Choice
  3. Mist Wrap
  4. Leg Sweep
  5. Healing Elixir
  6. Refreshing Jade Wind/Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
  7. Mana Tea/Focused Thunder


  1. Chi Burst
  2. Tiger's Lust
  3. Mist Wrap
  4. Leg Sweep
  5. Healing Elixir/Diffuse Magic
  6. Mana Tea


  1. Chi Burst
  2. Tiger's Lust
  3. Lifecycles/Spirit of the Crane
  4. Leg Sweep
  5. Diffuse Magic
  6. Refreshing Jade Wind
  7. Rising Thunder


Talent Information

Level 15 (Tier 1)

Chi Burst

Excellent raid healing. Heals for a decent amount at no mana cost, and should be used as often as possible.  Default choice for raiding.

Zen Pulse

Nice for single-target healing if there are multiple adds near the player it's used on.  A good choice for dungeons and Mythic+.

Chi Wave

Works the same as a Windwalker and the old Chi Wave.  Can be good if you need single-target healing or if you are uncomfortable with using Chi Burst. I would still take Chi Burst by default, but this can be a good beginner talent.

Level 30 (Tier 2)

Chi Torpedo

If you don’t feel like having an on-demand movement speed ability with Tiger’s Lust, this is a good option.  Allows you to travel slightly further than Roll and increases your movement speed.

Tiger's Lust

A strong, on-demand sprint which you can target on yourself or an ally.  It also removes roots and snares which can be helpful on some boss encounters.


Allows you to Roll more often for extra mobility.

Level 45 (Tier 3)


Allows you to save mana on Enveloping Mist and Vivify if you alternate casting them.  Works well with the Mistweaver Legendary Belt (see Legendary Items section) because you cast more Enveloping Mists than you might otherwise.

Spirit of the Crane

One of the two talents that is used for the Fistweaving style of healing.  If you find yourself able to DPS where very minimal healing is needed, this is a great talent for sustaining and regenerating your mana throughout a fight.

Mist Wrap

Great talent for Dungeons and Single-target healing because it buffs Enveloping Mist and allows you to move while channeling Soothing Mist.

Level 60 (Tier 4)

Ring of Peace

Can be a good talent for certain Mythic+ affixes such as Necrotic and Raging.  I’d recommend using this if your group has a lot of AoE stuns already since this can give your tank more time to kite adds and you don’t need to worry about diminishing returns on stun effects.

Song of Chi-Ji

This is not the greatest crowd control talent for PvE as the disorient effect will break if the target is damaged.

Leg Sweep

Will always be the default choice for both dungeons and raids.  Having a 5 second stun on a relatively short cooldown is great for keeping adds in one place for your DPS to kill.

Level 75 (Tier 5)

Healing Elixir

Now that Mistweavers have Fortifying Brew again, this can be a strong self heal that will save mana for you and your other healers.

Diffuse Magic

A strong magic damage reduction.  Pairs well with Fortifying Brew if you need to soak a large magic damage ability.

Dampen Harm

This is a cooldown similar to Diffuse Magic but it reduces all damage types instead of just magic.

Level 90 (Tier 6)

Refreshing Jade Wind

Recommended talent choice for most raid encounters. With the changes in Patch 7.2.5 this talent becomes a viable pick for fights where you are stacked in a group.

Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane

Free healing for 45 seconds, great choice for most fights. Better option for fights where the raid is more spread and Refreshing Jade Wind won’t hit many players.

Summon Jade Serpent Statue

A good option if you are going to be mostly doing Single-target healing or if you are having trouble keeping the tank alive in dungeons.

Level 100 (Tier 7)

Mana Tea

A great choice if you are having mana problems or plan to use high mana cost abilities such as Essence Font, Refreshing Jade Wind, and spamming Vivify during high damage phases.

Focused Thunder

This provides good, sustained burst healing by giving your Thunder Focus Tea an extra charge.

Rising Thunder

This is another talent that pairs well with Spirit of the Crane for the Fistweaving style of healing.  You will want to use Thunder Focus Tea as often as possible, and it will be important to quickly assess which spell you need to use for the situation at hand.

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