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Mistweaver Monk Healing Tips and Tricks

Updated 5 years, 5 months ago for patch 7.3.2 by Tyler. View the change log.

Healing doesn't really have a rotation of spells to go through like a DPS spec does, however, there are often certain types of situations that arise where you can respond in a certain fashion. I've detailed some of the most common situations below, as well as how to heal them. In the heat of battle, you may not always be able to stick to these things exactly, but with a little practice they should become second nature.

If you have any quetions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @Daemagor.

Things to always do

  1. Cast Renewing Mist on cooldown.  You can essentially use it on anyone in the raid since it will bounce to a player missing health, although I would recommend using it on someone who is already missing health to gain your Mastery heal as well.
  2. Use Thunder Focus Tea as much as possible.  I usually use Thunder Focus Tea on cooldown and with Renewing Mist. If there are enough people missing health, using it with Vivify can save a lot of mana and do a lot of burst healing.

Tank/single-target healing

  1. Cast Enveloping Mist on the target. You’ll want to have this up almost all the time if you are a main-tank healer because it makes your target take 30% more healing from all your other heals.
  2. If casting Enveloping Mist on the target and healing through Soothing Mist is not enough, you can spam cast Effuse while refreshing Enveloping Mist.  Doing so can drain your mana quickly but the combo of the Effuse heal as well as Gust of Mists is a high amount of single-target healing.
  3. If there are 3+ targets in range you can use Vivify instead of Effuse.  Do not use Vivify for pure single-target healing.
  4. Sheilun’s Gift is a very strong single-target heal.  You gain 1 stack every 10 seconds in combat, up to 12 stacks.  Using it at max stacks on a target affected by Enveloping Mist can heal them for more than their max health.
  5. Use Life Cocoon to save a target from a large hit.  If Life Cocoon isn’t used as an external cooldown on the tank, it can be used to save someone who is at low health and would die if you tried to use any other healing spell on them.

Raid/AoE Healing

  1. For the most part, Renewing Mist will be your go-to AoE healing spell for light-moderate damage.
  2. For moderate-high healing, Essence Font and Vivify will be your go-to.  Try to use Vivify only with Uplifting Trance procs. Try to use one Essence Font prior to casting Mana Tea and span Vivify during the Mana Tea duration and finishing it off with one more Essence Font before Mana Tea is done. Try to use one Essence Font prior to casting Mana Tea and span Vivify during the Mana Tea duration and finishing it off with one more Essence Font before Mana Tea is done.
  3. If you are lucky enough to get an Innervate, try to time parts of the fights where the raid will be taking a lot of damage and spam cast Vivify and Essence Font on cooldown.  Casting one Essence Font outside of Innervate won’t hurt too much and this can provide very good burst raid healing.
  4. Revival will most likely be planned in your raid cooldown list but if it isn’t it can be a very good emergency survival tool.


  1. Rising Sun Kick is the highest priority.  If using the Fistweaving build you will use Thunder Focus Tea prior to the start of the encounter.
  2. When Rising Sun Kick is on cooldown you will cast Tiger Palm to gain stacks of Teachings of the Monastery, once at 3 stacks you will cast Blackout Kick.
  3. Each Blackout Kick has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick.  
  4. Thanks to the Rising Thunder talent, every time you Rising Sun Kick, Thunder Focus Tea’s cooldown will get reset.  This in turn will lead to more Renewing Mists being blanketed on the raid.  

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