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Mistweaver Monk Artifact Traits and Relics

Updated 5 years, 5 months ago for patch 7.3.2 by Tyler. View the change log.

This page gives you a brief overview of the Mistweaver Monk artifact weapon, Sheilun, Staff of the Mists, with a focus on what paths you should take when starting out. Feedback is appreciated, you can leave comments at the bottom of the page or tweet @Daemagor.

Recommended Artifact Paths, before Empowerment

Mistweaver Monk Artifact Trait Path


Initial Path (First 6 Traits): Grabbing The Mists of Sheilun adds some extra healing to Enveloping Mists and Renewing Mists which will help in dungeons and raids. Grabbing Mists of Life will add very good burst healing to a huge defensive cooldown.

Continued Path (Trais 7-10): Grabbing Extended Healing will add even more healing to your Renewing Mist, but giving you more chances for Uplifting Trance to proc. Getting Dancing Mists works relatively the same to Extended Healing.

Finishing Your Artifact: I recommend getting Blessings of Yu'lon first as your second Gold Trait as I like having the extra free healing on Revival. If you have your Life Cocoon in a tank external rotation Protection of Shaohao can add even more protection to your tank and let the HoT healing buff last longer.

Recommended Artifact Paths, after Empowerment

Mistweaver Monk Artifact Trait Path after Empowerment

This is my recommended trait order after empowering your artifact weapon.  After the first 6, you can really go in any order you feel suits you best.  The new gold trait for Mistweavers is not good at all and why I prioritize it very late and could honestly get it even later.  Whispers of Shaohao will heal anyone within 10 yards of the cloud itself, not the monk, and other players can’t see the mists.  This trait will be bad in dungeons and on raid fights with lots of movement.  If the raid can stay stacked around the monk the trait can find some use but otherwise it’s not that good of a trait.

Artifact Relics

Most of the time you will want to get relics with the highest Item Level as the extra Intellect and base weapon stats will be better. The exception to that is relics for Extended Healing, even if the relic is 5-10 Item Levels lower it will still be a better option.

Recommended Raiding Relic Traits

  1. Extended Healing
  2. Infusion of Life
  3. Essence of the Mists

Recommended Mythic+/Dungeon Relic Traits

  1. Way of the Mistweaver
  2. Infusion of Life
  3. Extended Healing

Netherlight Crucible, Relic Empowerment

Artifact Traits

  1. Essence of the Mists (+3 item levels)
  2. Infusion of Life (+2 item levels)
  3. Extended Healing (+2 item levels)
  4. All other Traits (+0 item levels)

Shadow & Light Traits

  1. Refractive Shell (+6 item levels)
  2. Infusion of Light (+6 item levels)
  3. Light's Embrace (+5 item levels)
  4. Secure in the Light (+4 item levels)
  5. Murderous Intent (+4 item levels)
  6. Shocklight (+3 item levels)
  7. Master of Shadows (+2 item levels)
  8. Light Speed (+1 item levels)
  9. All of Traits (+0 item levels)

CrucibleWeight Addon Export

I use the CrucibleWeight addon to figure out which relics are better overall.  To import the string, go to the Netherlight Crucible, click on the sidebar (gray bar with several arrows), click on import, and then copy paste the string below.


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