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Mistweaver Monk Addon Overview & Setup

Updated 5 years, 5 months ago for patch 7.3.2 by Tyler. View the change log.

There is an endless amount of addons available for World of Warcraft, and while I encourage you to experiment with your own interface setups, I wanted to write an overview of some addons I use as a starting point. Feedback is appreciated, you can tweet @Daemagor or leave a comment below.

WeakAuras (Spell Alerts)

I use WeakAuras to give me additional visual cues for spell cooldowns and durations.

Mistweaver Monk WeakAuras Thumbnail
Mistweaver Monk WeakAuras

WeakAuras makes it easy to export and import auras. Type /wa into your chat, click on the New button, then on the Import button, and paste any of the import strings from the links below into the box.

Tal's Mistweaver Monk HUD

This HUD tracks cooldown and duration information for many Mistweaver spells. From the author's page:

Above Main HUD
Teachings of the Monastery (Middle)
Lifecycles Vivify (Left)
Lifecycles Enveloping Mists (Right)

Icons Main HUD
Renewing Mist
Thunder Focus Tea
Sheilun's Gift (=4 Saturated, >=6 Glow)
Essence Font Tracker (This is only available in a group situation where it is able to track players so you can judge the effectiveness of EF)

Timer Bars
Mana Tea
Focused Thunder Stacks
Rising Thunder (Tracking Rising Sun Kick)

Side Icons
Life Cocoon (Left)
Revival (Left)
Refreshing Jade Wind/Invoke Chi-ji/Jade Serpent Statue (Right)
Chi Burst/Zen Pulse/ Mistwalk (Right)

Get the import code for Tal's Mistweaver Monk HUD here.

Tal's Mistweaver Monk CD Bar

This bar tracks several ability cooldowns not tracked by the HUD above. From the author's page, the bar tracks the following abilities:

Roll/Chi Torpedo
Ring of Peace
Song of Chi-ji
Leg Sweep
Tiger's Lust
Healing Elixir
Diffuse Magic
Dampen Harm

Get the import code for Tal's Mistweaver Monk CD Bar here.

Perfectly Preserved Cake

The Perfectly Preserved Cake tracker shows how many plays are in range of you and will gain the shield, as well as the cooldown of the trinket. You can get the import code for the Cake tracker here.

Ornate Spell Trackers

The ornate spell trackers show the duration of Invoke Chi'ji, Blessing of Yu'lon, and Mana Tea. These aren't entirely required as they're tracked using the other auras above, but they add a bit of extra thematic flare to your UI if you like that sort of thing.

You can get the ornate spell trackers, and many other UI elements, here.