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Wintergrasp Fortress lore and history - Field Photographer Friday

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Field Photographer Friday is a weekly look at the lore and history behind locations around World of Warcraft. This week, we're taking a look at Wintergrasp Fortress!

Prales standing inside Wintergrasp Fortress Thumbnail
Prales standing inside Wintergrasp Fortress

Wintergrasp Fortress is located in Wintergrasp on the Northrend continent. It was built along with the surrounding structures by the Titans tens of thousands of years ago to help the Watchers they left behind defend the Vault of Archavon beneath it. Beyond that, very little is known about the early years of the Fortress and Vault, or what they were intended to hold.

The Fortress first appeared in game during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, when the Horde and Alliance discovered Wintergrasp was an abundant source of elemental materials. It didn't take them long to also discover the Vault of Archavon and begin speculating what treasures it may hold. This kicked off a constant power struggle in Wintergrasp, with the two factions fighting for control of the Fortress. While the material abundance really existed, the treasures of the Vault turned out to be nothing more than speculation. Heroes who entered the vault instead found the various elemental Watchers who were sworn to defend it.

Even though it's been many years since the war against the Lich King on Northrend, the Horde and Alliance can still be found fighting over Wintergrasp. It's unclear if this fighting is based in lore, and they're continuing to fight for the resources there, or if Wintergrasp now only exists as a gameplay element.

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