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Shaper’s Terrace lore and history - Field Photographer Friday

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Field Photographer Friday is a weekly look at the lore and history behind locations around World of Warcraft. This week, we're taking a look at the Shaper's Terrace!

Prales standing outside the Shaper's Terrace Thumbnail
Prales standing outside the Shaper's Terrace

The Shaper's Terrace refers to two separate titan buildings located in Un'goro Crater, on the Kalimdor continent. The two Terraces were constructed over 25,000 years ago by the Titan Freya as outposts to observe her and the other Titan's experiments in the Crater.

The main Shaper's Terrace, located in northern Un'goro Crater, is where Freya worked for years, creating and experimenting with life on Azeroth. Un'goro Crater was one of three locations chosen for her experiments because of the power from the Well of Eternity that coalesced there. Un'goro Crater would go on to birth some of the Wild Gods and countless species now found across Azeroth. Close to the Terrace is a Waygate that links directly to Sholazar Basin on the Northrend continent, another one of the three locations chosen to birth life on Azeroth.

The second Shaper's Terrace is located in eastern Un'goro Crater, and bears a resemblance to the main Terrace. While it's exact use is unknown, it was likely just another outpost

The main Terrace with Etymidian Thumbnail
The main Terrace with Etymidian

The main Shaper's Terrace was first uncovered during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion when the connecting Waygate was found in Sholazar Basin. The Terrace had come under attack from the Cult of the Damned, a faction of living beings who serve the Lich King. Horde and Alliance heroes were tasked with killing High Cultist Herenn inside the Terrace building in order to retrieve the Omega Rune. This Rune was used to reactivate Watcher Etymidian nearby so he could once again safeguard the Terrace and Waygate.

The secondary Terrace with Nablya Thumbnail
The secondary Terrace with Nablya

The secondary Terrace wasn't uncovered until the Cataclysm expansion when The Shattering disrupted the cloaking device that hid it from view. Horde and Alliance heroes were able to investigate three Crystal Pylons in northern, western, and eastern Un'goro Crater, and upon collecting a sufficient number of Power Crystals, the Un'goro Examinant appeared at Marshal's Stand. The Examinant acts as a teleportation device to the secondary Shaper's Terrace, which is now home to Watcher Nablya. She reveals she was appointed by the Titan Khaz'goroth to keep watch over Un'goro Crater in the Titan's absence, and to continue with observations and experiments of life in the Crater. However, she can provide no specific information on the experiments nor exactly what role the Titans and Watchers played in shaping intelligent life on Azeroth.

As far as Titan structures go, the Shaper's Terrace are some of the smallest and perhaps least impressive. Nonetheless, they played a vital role in Azeroth's creation, and as we learned during Cataclysm, they continue to play a role in at least observing life on Azeroth.

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