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Patch 7.3 Restoration Druid Changes, Updates, and Overview

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With Patch 7.3 coming on August 29, 2017, I wanted to compile a list of changes that are affecting Restoration Druids. As usual, you can tweet @PrestonDvorak or leave a comment at the bottom of the page with any questions or feedback.

There are quest and content spoilers ahead, proceed with caution if you want to avoid them!

Table of Contents

Official Patch 7.3 Survival Guide

Patch 7.3 is being released on August 29, 2017.

New Spell Effects and Animations

Most Restoration Druid spells received new animations and/or effects in 7.3. You can see all spells in the video below.

Spell Changes

A few Druid spells received changes in patch 7.3. In addition to the changes below that affect Restoration Druids, Feral Druids received a large overhaul.

  • Mass Entanglement now roots targets in a 15-yard range around the initial target.
    • Admittedly, I don't know the exact range of the effect before this change, but based on my testing it was at least 10-yards prior to 7.3. So, it's possible this is either a buff or a tooltip clarification.
  • Prowl's cooldown is reduced to 6-seconds, down from 10-seconds.
    • A nice little quality of life buff for Druid's that prefer sneaking over fighting! It may also be a bigger deal with Fearl Druids, but my Fearl knowledge is low.
  • Rebirth is now castable in all forms.
    • I thought this was the case since Legion's launch, so possibly just a bug fix? I know for sure it was castable in Moonkin, Bear, and Caster forms prior to 7.3.

Player Versus Player

There are no PvP spell changes that affect Restoration Druids in 7.3. However, some changes were made to the requirements and availability of some cosmetic items, including cloaks and cosmetic enchants.

Legendary Items

There are no new legendary items or changes being made to legendary items in 7.3.


Tier 21 Set Items and Bonuses

While not coming immediately in 7.3, a new tier set will be released with the Antorus, The Burning Throne raid at a later date.

Druid T21 Mythic Helm and Shoulders Thumbnail
Druid T21 Mythic Helm and Shoulders

Druid T21 Mythic Set Thumbnail
Druid T21 Mythic Set

The T21 set bonuses are quite nice and will be much less intrusive to your play style than the T20 bonuses were. Early numbers I've seen put the set bonuses at contributing 10% to 15% of total healing between the set bonuses themselves and the added mastery benefit from the new heal over time effect. Obviously, mileage will vary depending on a lot of factors, but for mostly passive bonuses it's quite nice. I'll be doing my own simulation testing once they're updated for 7.3.

Druid T21 2-piece (Restoration)

The 2-set bonus applies a heal over time effect to anyone healed by Ysera's Gift. While not necessarily substantial on it's own, it does count as an additional heal over time effect for our mastery.

Druid T21 4-piece (Restoration)

The 4-set bonus accelerates the healing of Ysera's Gift any time Wild Growth is cast. This should feel similar to the Sea Star of the Depthmother trinket.

Nether Crucible, Artifact Progression

With patch 7.3 you'll be able to unlock the Nether Crucible, a forge that allows you to empower your artifact relics with additional bonuses and trait points. More information is available in the Restoration Druid guide.

Nether Crucible Thumbnail
Nether Crucible

New Playable Content

In addition to content specific to Restoration Druids, there is a ton of new playable content being added to the game. I won't have detailed explanations here, but I wanted to at least mention everything.


As you may have guessed, three zones on the Legion home world of Argus are available with patch 7.3, including new story content, world quests, and factions. Most notably coming with a faction is an infinite use Augment Rune.

Antorus, the Burning Throne

While not coming immediately with patch 7.3, the new raid is in the works and will likely be released sometime after 7.3.5. I'll be writing healing guides for all of the bosses leading up to the raid's release. Stay tuned on Twitter for their release.

Seat of the Triumvirate

A new 5-player dungeon is coming in patch 7.3, it will be available on Heroic and Mythic difficulties, as well as be available for Mythic+ keystones, with 885 item level loot available at the base Mythic level. You can prepare yourself early with my Triumvirate healer guide.

Invasion Points

Invasion Points are small group scenarios where you fight against the Legion on a host of other planets, with unique boss encounters only available as part of the invasions.

Even More!

There are even more, smaller features coming, including:

  • New legendary battle pet bosses on Argus
  • New profession materials an recipes

You can see all of the changes in Blizzard's official 7.3 patch notes.

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