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Darkshire lore and history - Field Photographer Friday

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Field Photographer Friday is a weekly look at the lore and history behind locations around World of Warcraft. This week, we're taking a look at Darkshire!

Prales hiding in a field outside Darkshire Thumbnail
Prales hiding in a field outside Darkshire

Darkshire is a small Alliance town located in what is now Duskwood. Long before World of Warcraft's time, the town was known as Grand Hamlet and the surrounding area was part of Elwynn Forest. The darkness we know today hadn't yet descended upon the area. Grand Hamlet first saw activity when it was destroyed during the First War as the invading Orcs of the Old Horde made their way towards Stormwind. The town was later rebuilt, likely during the Second War as the Alliance began retaking their land from the Orcs.

Following the Second War, activity in the nearby Karazhan tower increased, and it's believed by many residents of Grand Hamlet that this is the reason for the darkness and evil that descended upon their town and the surrounding area. During this time, the city of Stormwind was already moving troops away from the town to fight in conflicts against the Horde. With the town all but abandoned, and the area shrouded in darkness, the area became known as Duskwood, and the town became known as Darkshire. Who exactly coined these names is unknown.

This brings us to how Darkshire first appeared in World of Warcraft. It's inhabitants were mostly refugees from the nearby town of Raven Hill. Darkshire was guarded by a militia called the Night Watch and governed by the Council of Darkshire, which was headed by Lord Ello Ebonlocke. Forced to fend for themselves, the town's inhabitants were under constant threat from the undead and worgen in the area, and because of this they often sought help from Alliance heroes passing through the area.

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The town has remained mostly unchanged since it was introduced, and it seems Stormwind has all but forgotten about them as they've had to continue to fend for themselves over the years. With the Legion expansion, many high-ranking members of the Night Watch and Council of Darkshire formed the Veiled Hand, a sect of humans who assist the Legion, with their primary goal being the destruction of Stormwind. This group was uncovered by rogues from The Uncrowned, who reside in the Dalaran sewers. When confronted, all members of the Veiled Hand were able to escape and are assumed to still be alive.

With the Veiled Hand uncovered, it's unknown if there will be any Legion activity around Darkshire. For the time being, the Legion's focus seems to be on the Broken Isles, leaving the remaining inhabitants of Darkshire to live their lives, contending against the usual threats of undead and worgen.

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Lord Ello Ebonlocke - +

Former head of the Council of Darkshire, current member of the Veiled Hand.


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