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Character Corner: Odyn

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Welcome to Character Corner, where we dive into the life and exploits of various lore figures in the Warcraft universe. With this week's release of Trial of Valor, it's a great time to discuss the arrogant and mighty Titanic Keeper, Odyn.

Odyn inside the Halls of Valor Thumbnail
Odyn inside the Halls of Valor

Millennia ago, the Titanic Pantheon discovered a world-soul across the cosmos. They named this nascent titan "Azeroth", believing Azeroth to have potential to overcome even Sargeras. When they finally reached Azeroth, they discovered the darkness and taint of the Old Gods working to corrupt the world-soul. The Pantheon's sheer physical size made fighting the Old Gods head-on too risky, for they could possibly kill Azeroth in the process. Instead, they created an army of metal and earthen constructs, known as the Titan-forged. To lead their war effort and watch over Azeroth, several titan-forged were elevated above the others and blessed by the Pantheon, becoming known as the Keepers. Aman-thul himself imbued Odyn with a portion of his powers.

Odyn and the other Keepers fought hard against the Black Empire of the Old Gods. The war escalated when the Old Gods enlisted the elemental lords to sow more chaos. Odyn and Tyr worked together to push the Lord of Fire, Ragnaros, back to his realm, their metal bodies protecting them from the onslaught of magma and flame. Eventually, Ragnaros and the other elemental lords were sealed in their own realms, removing them from the fight.

Even with the elemental lords vanquished, the Keepers had much more work to do. The Old God Yogg-Saron and his C'Thraxxi army were beginning to overwhelm the titan-forged. Odyn commanded his fellow Keeper Loken to cast a huge illusion spell, compelling the C'Thraxxi to see each other as the enemies. Odyn made his attack amidst the confusion, thwarting the C'Thraxxi and sealing Yogg-Saron beneath the earth. For his heroic achievements, the Pantheon named Odyn the Prime Designate - the being in charge of the titan-forged and keeping Azeroth safe. The city of Ulduar was built on top of Yogg-Saron's prison.

After the remaining Old Gods were imprisoned and the Black Empire toppled, the Keepers retreated into their temples and refuges, growing apathetic. When the monstrous dragon Galakrond rose to power and began threatening life on Azeroth, only Tyr stood against him. With the assistance of five proto-dragons, Galakrond was defeated. Only then were the Keepers roused and ventured back into the world. Tyr argued that the five proto-dragons had proven themselves capable stewards of Azeroth, and they should be blessed with the Titans' powers. All of the Keepers agreed, except Odyn. He believed that he should have the final say, as he was the Prime Designate. Despite his protests, the other Keepers went ahead with their idea, imbuing the proto-dragons with power and creating the first Dragon Aspects. Seeing as how all but one of those same Dragon Aspects have threatened Azeroth's safety over the years, perhaps Odyn had a point.

An angry Odyn refused to turn over Azeroth's defense to lesser beings. He decided to form his own army and train them apart from the rest of the Keepers. His new bastion would be known as the Halls of Valor, a floating sky fortress. Odyn asked his adopted daughter, the titan-forged sorceress Helya, to help him. Helya used her vast power to break off a section of Ulduar and raise it to the sky.

Halls of Valor (Wowhead) Thumbnail
Halls of Valor (Wowhead)

For his army, Odyn wanted to train only those he saw as worthy and battle-tested: the vrykul. He would bless the vrykul with new metal bodies, becoming the Valarjar. The last piece of his plan required a way a get the souls of the fallen vrykul up to the Halls of Valor. Odyn came up with the Val'kyr: winged specters that would ferry worthy souls to him. These Val'kyr would forever be enthralled to this task, never moving on or finding peace. Unsurprisingly, there were no volunteers to become Val'kyr. Helya thought that plan ludicrous, and threatened to return the Halls of Valor to Ulduar unless Odyn abandoned the Val'kyr idea.

Never one to suppress his anger, Odyn painfully transformed Helya into the first Val'kyr. For thousands of years, she was enslaved to him, bringing souls to the Halls of Valor. For thousands of years, her anger and resentment seethed. In the mean time, Keeper Loken fell prey to Yogg-Saron's whispers and was descending into madness. Loken devised a way to get rid of the other Keepers, but knew he needed to move against Odyn first. Loken first granted Helya her freedom, then gave her an idea. Using the same type of spell that banished the elemental lords, Helya sealed Odyn and his Valarjar inside the Halls of Valor, where he's been for ages.

Odyn managed to find a way to leave the halls in the guise of a simple vrykul, Havi. Havi is typically accompanied by the huge ravens Huginn and Muninn. In Norse mythos, Odin also has two ravens named Huginn and Muninn. Havi guides adventurers in Stormheim through various trials so that they may prove themselves worthy of claiming the Aegis of Aggramar. Odyn also assists warrior adventurers, offering his Halls of Valor as their Order Hall. After waiting for so long, Odyn has decided to choose champions to defeat Helya once and for all and lift his curse.

Everything Odyn has done, he has done to protect Azeroth. He has never shown remorse for his actions. Despite the consequences of his stubbornness, Odyn has proven he earned his role as Prime Designate.

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