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Character Corner: Medivh

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Welcome to Character Corner, where we dive into the life and exploits of various lore figures in the Warcraft universe. In keeping with our 7.1: Return to Karazhan theme, this week features the powerful and enigmatic mage, Medivh.

Medivh at the Dark Portal Thumbnail
Medivh at the Dark Portal


The story of Medivh begins before his birth, even. Guardian Aegwynn, Medivh's mother, went rogue from the Council of Tirisfal, believing they had drifted too far from their mission to defend Azeroth from the Burning Legion. The Council refused to let Aegwynn run wild with the power of the Guardian and sent the magus Nielas Aran to bring her to heel. Instead of turning over the renegade Aegwynn, Nielas began to see the Council's political machinations for himself. Together, the two mages devised a plan for Aegwynn's successor to be free of the Council's influence. Aegwynn passed her Tirisfalen powers down to her and Aran's child. He was named Medivh, which means "Keeper of Secrets" in high elven.

Unbeknownst to Aegwynn, an earlier encounter with the Dark Titan Sargeras had left her soul tainted with his essence. This taint also found its way into her child where it lay dormant for years. Nielas Aran took up a position in Stormwind as the court's conjurer so he could train Medivh far from the Council's influence. Aegwynn went into hiding shortly after Medivh's birth.

Medivh grew up with his close friends Anduin Lothar and Llane Wrynn. The trio grew close and caused much mischief in their youth. Their misadventures offered a reprieve from Aran's hard training and stern upbringing. On the eve of his fourteenth birthday, the full power of the Guardian manifested within Medivh, killing his father and forcing him into a coma that lasted years.

He awoke to a world changed. Anduin Lothar was a knight in Stormwind's army while Llane Wrynn had taken the throne. Both Medivh's power and Sargeras's darkness woke with him. He became reclusive and mysterious, withdrawing to the magical tower of Karazhan. For years, the only souls to see Medivh were his castelan Moroes and his resident cook. Secretly, Medivh fulfilled the role of Guardian, banishing demons and protecting Azeroth. He grew to resent his burden, falling prey to Sargeras's influence. Sometimes there even seemed to be two Medivhs: the kind, mischievous friend of Lothar's and Wrynn's; and the other: the paranoid, bitter host of Sargeras.

Karazhan (Warcraft Chronicle) Thumbnail
Karazhan (Warcraft Chronicle)

The Kirin Tor of Dalaran tried to reach out to Medivh while he stayed secreted away in Karazhan. They were wary of him, but in awe of his power and believed him to have magical secrets nobody else would hope to uncover. To humor the Kirin Tor, Medivh took a number of apprentices over the years, but none lasted very long. None, until Khadgar. Khadgar grew close to the old mage and witnessed first hand his antics. During his stay in Karazhan, Khadgar would see Medivh leave the castle on a whim, remain gone for days, and reappear as if nothing had happened.

Eventually, he would learn the truth: Medivh had been conspiring with the orc warlock Gul'dan to create the Dark Portal and bring the orcs into Azeroth. Together with Lothar and Garona, Khadgar killed Medivh, freeing his spirit from Sargeras.

Some time later, Aegwynn managed to resurrect Medivh. This time, Medivh was free of both Sargeras and the burden of the Guardian's mantle. He made his return in the guise of "The Prophet", a mysterious stranger who appeared just as the Scourge threat was mounting. The Prophet urged King Terenas to flee Lordaeron and sail west across the sea. King Terenas thought him to be a madman and ignored his words. He ran into the same sentiment as he appeared to Prince Arthas and Archmage Antonidas as well. All was not lost, however, as Jaina Proudmoore heeded the advice. She took a band of humans with her to Kalimdor, as did the orc Warchief Thrall with his Horde.

Medivh's work wasn't done there. He manipulated events to force a meeting between Thrall and Jaina. Before the two sides could come to blows, Medivh urged them to work together to stop the Burning Legion. Together, with the night elves, the Alliance on Kalimdor and the Horde stood against Archimonde on Hyjal and prevented the certain destruction of Azeroth.

Having defended Azeroth from the Legion one last time, Medivh quietly faded into echoes, feeling that he had finally made up for his sins. Though Medivh hasn't been physically seen since the events at Hyjal, his presence is still felt.

Medivh's Legacy

Robbed of youth by his power and robbed of sanity by Sargeras, Medivh's legacy is a tragic one. He can be held personally responsible for bringing the orcs to Azeroth and the destruction that followed. It took his own death before he was finally allowed to live a life he chose. Interestingly enough, his schemes to bring the orcs to Azeroth might have saved it in the end, as the orcs were essential in stopping Archimonde. We haven't seen the last of Medivh.

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