BlizzCon 2017: Battle for Azeroth Zone Demos

BlizzCon 2017 features several different demos of Battle for Azeroth content, including two dungeons and the starting areas for the Horde and Alliance. The Virtural Ticket also provided walk through videos of these demos, which I'm going to provide an overview of below. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

Expect tons of spoilers ahead! If you want even more coverage, check out my Day 1: Opening Ceremony and What's Next for Warcraft article, or all of the BlizzCon articles.

Table of Contents

Atal'Dazar, Dungeon

  • Resting place of first Zandalari leader, Dazar
    • Sacred city of gold, pristine, unlike troll cities we've seen in the past (Zul'Gurub, Zul'Farrak, etc)
  • Someone is trying to resurrect Dazar
    • Similar to Hakkar in Zul'Gurub
  • Players are coming in to purify the city
    • Will meet hostile forces of those corrupting the temple and also those who swore to protect it
  • First three bosses can be defeated in any order
    • Vol'kaal
      • Berserkers leading up to him were killed during questing and resurrected by the final boss, Yazma
      • Vol'kaal is being kept alive by totems that must be destroyed
      • Once totems are destroyed, he begins to decay, leaving pools of poison around the room
    • Rezan
      • Dazar's t-rex mount, now mummified and undead, complete with coffin accents
      • Raptor bones are scattered around the pit, touching them spawns skeletal raptors
      • Rezan will fear players and also fixate on a random player
    • Priestess Alun'za
      • Uncorrupted troll, still defending the city, sees players as defiling the city just by being there even though they're trying to help
      • Golden troll that uses "gold" magic
      • Attempts to cleanse pools of gold nearby, producing red slimes
      • Slimes can be killed to gain a corruption debuff, preventing Alun'za's life drain from stealing life, instead damaging her
  • Final boss is Yazma
    • Used to be a good guy, worshipped the spider loa
    • Over the course of the questline, Yazma consumes the spider loa, becoming half troll, half spider
      • Similar to what was happening in Zul'Drak on Northrend
    • Attempts to draw spirits from the players
      • If a spirit reaches Yazma, she receives a large damage buff
    • Small spiders cover the room, touching them produces a puddle of corruption

Freehold, Dungeon

  • Lovingly called outlaw town, ruled by the Irontide Raiders, but home to several gangs
    • Lots of new models and idle animations on the NPCs
  • First boss, Skycap'n Kragg (from Hearthstone fame)
    • Parrot mount named Shark Bait
      • Harasses players through first part of dungeon
      • Has a hook for a talon, unknown how he lost the talon
    • Fight starts by fighting Kragg on Shark Bait, then Shark Bait takes to the sky to again harass players
  • Second boss, Council O' Captains
    • On the way, all the "lesser" gangs of Freehold are encountered
      • Cutwater Corsairs
      • Blacktooth Brawlers, big bruisers, ettins, ogres
      • Bilge Rats, vermin, hozen, vulpera
    • Must capture a pug named Murphy to get the keys to free a captain from one of the gangs
      • Which captain you free determines who will help curing the Council O' Captains
      • Additionally, the gang the captain you free belongs to will be friendly, changing which trash must be pulled
    • During the Council fight, three captains will be fought
      • Bruisers put barrels on players' heads, disorienting them
  • Third boss, "Ring of Booty"
    • Similar to Ring of Blood, gladiator style encounter with three bosses, includes announcer NPC's from Ring of Blood as captives
    • First: Players must catch a grased pig named Lightning
    • Second: Ludwig von Tortollan, who throws spinning shells that must be avoided
      • Also the first known tortollan in Warcraft (originally from Hearthstone)
    • Third: Trawfak the Shark Puncher, has shark fists, throws sharks that much be avoided, and uses Sharknado
  • Fourth boss, Harlan Sweete
    • Leader of the Irontide Raiders
    • Boat is filled with so much treasure, it will no longer float
    • Bankrolled by another character, Lady Ashvane
    • Has Roll the Bones ability, but dice are loaded and always work in has favor
    • Will call upon Irontide members to join the fight, fixating on players


Nazmir, Questing Zone

  • Deep, dark, voodoo infested jungle
  • Home to many loa, not all bad, most are neutral, Horde must enlist their help
  • Necropolis in the middle
    • Spirits of dead trolls head here
    • Blood God G'huun starting to encroach on the necropolis
  • Infested with blood trolls
    • Currently a no-go zone for the Zandalari
    • Blood trolls are a matriarchal society
    • Don't possess much technology compared to other trolls, deal only with blood
    • Worship the Blood God G'huun
    • Use crogg (check spelling) and bats for hunting and transportation
  • Main questline story from the demo
    • Hireek, the bat loa, has been corrupted by G'huun 
      • Hireek worshipped by the blood trolls in Shaldra'mah
    • Gain a blood troll disguise to infiltrate Shaldra'mah
      • Specifically a female disguise to allow for more power
    • Meet up with another spy named Jo'chunga
      • He chose a male disguise to avoid raising suspicion, as males aren't taken seriously
    • War drums could alert nearby villages of trouble
      • Disguised as a female, players force war drummers to take on silly, impossible tasks
        • Collecting pristine rocks, basilisk hides, and lumber
    • Blood Witches must be slain
      • They're the most powerful of the blood trolls
      • Wield blood magic
    • Bats must be poisoned to prevent escape
    • Upon learning of the blood witch and bat deaths, Hireek shows up in Shaldra'mah
      • Kills many of his followers, tells the others he'll deal with the player himself
    • Jo'chunga gives the player a poison dagger to weaken Hireek
    • After jumping on Hireek, the player is thrown into a pit below Shaldra'mah
    • From here, Hireek is tracked through the tunnels and finally killed
  • Additional stories mentioned
    • The undead facing off against the Sethrak from Vol'dun
      • Starts with an undead that's been cut in half, players help put him back together 
      • Sethrak are serpent-like creatures
      • Use magic to make every where they inhabit into sandy desert, like their homeland
    • Similar to the undead, there is also a goblin excursion, complete with explosions
    • Meet up with a Blood Priest of G'huun that has captured two trolls we'll meet in early quests

Drustvar, Questing Zone

  • Was originally a snowy "northern" zone, now forested, spooky, hazy
  • Houses of Kul Tiras in a power struggle, overarching goal for player is to unite the houses
  • Drustvar is home to the House Wavecrest, the Lord and Lady have gone missing
  • Contribution of arms and sausages to the rest of Kul Tiras have stopped
  • Main questline story from the demo
    • Large effigy in the town of Fallhaven has "frozen" all the citizens
    • Notes and journal entries point to a "crazy" woman in the woods, Helena the Gentle
    • Upon confronting her, she reveals herself as a witch
    • Not even animals are safe from the effigy's powers
      • Farm animals have gone mad
      • Risen Wicker animals throughout
    • Smaller effigy's outside the town are protecting the large one, must be destroyed
    • Enthralled animals must also be killed
    • Main effigy is destroyed, revealing a large wicker golem
    • The town's citizens are returned to normal
    • Lots of Salem Witch vibes
  • Additional stories mentioned
    • The sausage farmer
      • Help a farmer free his farmhands and animals from the witches' grasp
      • Farmhands are now pigs, nods to developers: Trevor Hightide, Travis Daybreak, Burke Stevenson, Kyle Sailford
      • Collect a Pig Effigy that's burned to return the farmhands to humans
    • Hangman's Point
      • Lucille Wavecrest on trial as a witch
      • The Marshall shows up and demands to take her, but both the local hangman and Lucille refuse
      • Lucille wants to go to trial, not solve the issue with brute force
      • Hints at wildlife serving as eyes (presumably for witches)

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