Restoration Druid Stat Weights and Gearing

Patch 7.3.5 Updated
January 15, 2018

This page covers the stats that are relevant for a Restoration Druid and what kind of things you should look for when gearing up. As a general rule, it’s almost always better to go with the higher item level piece of gear. Resto Druids make pretty good use of all stats, but some are still better than others. Feedback is always welcome. You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page, or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

Stat Priority and Normalized Weights

This is a quick glance at the stats you want. You'll find normalized stat weights in parenthesis next to each stat. You can use these weights with AskMrRobot and Pawn with decent results. Note: the weights don't always work well with trinkets, so default to your best judgement using the information in the Best in Slot Trinkets section below. Restoration Druid stat weights also have a tendency to change based on how much of each stat you have. To get more personalized stat weights, consider using the tools in the "Additional Resources" section below the weight lists.

Raid Healing

Consider these stat priorities and weights for healing 10-player or larger groups and raids. They generate a relatively even stat distribution that tends towards mastery to benefit T21.

  1. Mastery (16.74)
  2. Critical Strike (13.84)
  3. Versatility (12.08)
  4. Haste (11.45)
  5. Intellect (10.7)
  6. Leech (3.87)
  7. Avoidance (0.02)
  8. Movement Speed (0.01)

Pawn Import: ( Pawn: v1: "Raid Healing": CritRating=13.84, HasteRating=11.45, MasteryRating=16.74, Versatility=12.08, Intellect=10.7, Leech=3.87, Avoidance=0.02, MovementSpeed=0.01 )

Additional Resources

It can become increasingly complicated to calculate and impossible to provide one-size-fits-all stat weights because Restoration Druid stat weights change as you gain or lose points in each stat, and can even change between encounters if you want to be really technical. While the weights above will get you by in general, if you really want to get the most out of your gear I recommend using one or all of the tools below to get weights that are customized to your current gear situation or the encounter you're facing.

Simple Raid Stat Weights - A spreadsheet that allows you to get quick, simple stat weights based on your current stats.

Leaf's Resto Druid Stat Weights - This is for the WeakAuras addon and calculates your stat weights in real time based on combat data and the healing you're doing.

Twig It by Torty - A much more robust spreadsheet that allows you to get stat weights based on your current stats and healing breakdown for different fights based on damage meter or log data.

Stat Explanations

Intellect increases the power of all your spells. This includes how much healing your spells heal for and how much damage your damaging spells do.

Haste decreases the cast time of your spells and decreases your global cooldown. Your global cooldown affects how quickly you can cast spells that have no cast time, such as Rejuvenation. Getting a low global cooldown is essential as a druid because most of our main healing spells do not have cast times.

Critical Strike increases the chance of both your healing and damage spells being critical strikes. A critical heal will heal for twice as much as a non-critical heal. This more or less equates to free healing, which means you will spend less mana healing players overtime the more critical strike you have.

Mastery increases the healing your heal over time effects heal for based on the total heal over time effects you have on the target. For example, if your mastery is 10% and you have one heal over time on a player, that heal over time effect will be healing for 10% more. If you have two heal over time effects on a player they will both be healing for 20% more. There is no cap on this effect, so the more heal over time effects the more powerful it will be.

Versatility increases all healing and damage you do by a flat percentage. It also decreases all damage you take. This is similar to our mastery, but without the chance to multiply with more healing effects on a target.


Best in Slot Gear

With the expansion of the warforged/titanforged system and the removal of primary stats from necks and rings, definitive Best in Slot lists are harder to create. Despite where an item may appear on the list, you should almost always use the the piece with the higher item level. The exception to this is rings, necks, tier sets, and trinkets, where using a lower item level piece with better stats or effects is sometimes better. The lists below assume all items are at their base item level unless otherwise noted.

For the sake of keeping the lists organized, it is assumed the raid gear being obtained is of Mythic-quality. At Heroic-quality and lower, there is much more overlap in items and the lists become almost impossible to rank. If you'd like to figure out which gear you have is better, I highly recommend AskMrRobot's simulations as a starting point. Healing simulations will never be as "perfect" as DPS simulations, but they're still a valuable tool when coupled with best in slot lists, stat weights, and common sense.

Raid Healing

Antorus Notes: The T21 set bonuses drive the gearing strategy this tier, bringing mastery to the top of the stat list due to the additional heal over time effect. T21 will be more consistent than T20 without being a defining force like T19 was, allowing for more legendary options when optimizing for a fight. To help with legendary swapping, the head and shoulder slots won't use tier, based on the Best in Slot Legendary information below. The T21 bonuses also see the rise of Ekowraith, but as of now it's not strong enough to compete with other legendary items. I'll continue to monitor logs and test legendary items myself when Antorus releases and I've picked up T21.

Breakdown by Boss

The goal of this section is to make it easier to decide which bosses to use Bonus Roll Tokens on and which Mythic instances you should run. The numbers include all gear drops from the Best in Slot list as well as the top two trinkets from the Best in Slot Trinkets section below.

Antorus, the Burning Throne (14)
Antoran High Command (3), Kin'garoth (2), Eonar the Life-Binder (2), Argus the Unmaker (2), Felhounds of Sargeras (1), Imonar the Soulhunter (1), Portal Keeper Hasabel (1), Coven of Shivarra (1), Varimathras (1)
Invasion Points
Matron Folnuna (2), Mistress Alluradel (1)
Tomb of Sargeras
Demonic Inquisition (4), Kil'jaeden (3), Mistress Sassz'ine (3), Fallen Avatar (2), Harjatan (2), Sisters of the Moon (1), Maiden of Vigilance (1), The Desolate Host (1)
Etraeus (3), Tichondrius (3), Trilliax (2), Gul'dan (2), Elisande (2), Skorpyron (1), Krosus (1), Chronomatic Anomaly (1),  Aluriel (1), Tel'arn (1)
Trial of Valor (6)
Odyn (3), Guarm (2), Helya (1)
Emerald Nightmare
Cenarius (3), Xavius (3), Dragons of Nightmare (2), Il'gynoth (2), Elerethe Renferal (2), Ursoc (1)
World Bosses (6)
Calamir (2), Reaver Jdorn (1), Nithogg (1), Ana-mouz (1), Flotsam (1),
Mythic Instances (18)
Return to Karazhan (6), The Arcway (2), Vault of the Wardens (2), Court of Stars (2), Black Rook Hold (2), Assault on Violet Hold (2), Darkheart Thicket (1), Halls of Valor (1)

  1. General Erodus' Tricorne - Antorus, Antoran High Command
  2. Stormheart Headdress - Tomb of Sargeras, Demonic Inquisition
  3. Hood of the Astral Warden - Nighthold, Elisande
  4. Mask of Multitudinous Eyes - Emerald Nightmare, Elerethe Renferal
  5. Unbound Reality Mask - Return to Karazhan, Viz'aduum
  6. Soulstarve Hood - Black Rook Hold, Illysanna Ravencrest
  1. Riveted Choker of Delirium - Antorus, Varimathras
  2. String of Extracted Incisors - Tomb of Sargeras, Demonic Inquisition
  3. Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes - Nighthold, Skorpyron
  4. Blackened Portalstone Necklace - Emerald Nightmare, Xavius
  5. Pendant of Cold Flame - World Boss, Calamir
  6. Pendant of the Watchful Eye - Vault of the Wardens, Glazer
  1. Spaulders of the Relentless Tracker - Antorus, Imonar the Soulhunter
  2. Fel-Spike Shoulderpads - Invasion Point, Mistress Alluradel
  3. Dripping Arcfin Shoulderpads - Tomb of Sargeras, Harjatan
  4. Mantle of the Astral Warden - Nighthold, Tichondrius
  5. Otherworldy Leather Mantle - Emerald Nightmare, Il'gynoth
  6. Mantle of the Aspiring Spellgiant - World Boss, Humongris
  7. Epaulets of Dessicated Foliage - Darkheart Thicket, Oakheart
  1. Bearmantle Cloak - Antorus, Antoran High Command
  2. Shroud of the Drowned Adherent - Tomb of Sargeras, Mistress Sassz'ine
  3. Drape of Shame* - Return to Karazhan, Maiden of Virtue
  4. Dreadlord's Tattered Wingcover - Nighthold, Tichondrius
  5. Mantle of the Victorious Dead - Trial of Valor, Odyn
  6. Evergreen Vinewrap Drape - Emerald Nightmare, Cenarius
  7. Windwhipped Greatcloak - World Boss, Nithogg
  8. Goldscar Pelt - Halls of Valor, Fenryr

*Use this macro to see what item level cloak you need for it to be better than your Drape of Shame.

/script local x,a,b,c,d,l,i;x=GetInventoryItemLink("player",15);a,b,c,d=GetItemInfo(x);l=0;x=GetCritChance()/100;i=GetSpellBonusDamage(4)*0.05*x/(x+1);while true do i=i-9.44-l*0.474;if i>0 then l=l+1;else print("iLevel to be better:",l+d);break;end end

Original credit to the Druid Discord.

  1. Bearmantle Harness - Antorus, Eonar the Life-Binder
  2. Stormheart Tunic - Tomb of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden
  3. Tunic of Unwavering Devotion - Nighthold, Trilliax
  4. Tunic of the Grove Keeper - Emerald Nightmare, Cenarius
  5. Skimpy Demonleather Tunic - World Boss, Ana-mouz
  6. Wicked Broodmother's Chestguard - Assault on Violet Hold, Sael'orn
  1. Bracers of Wanton Morality - Antorus, Coven of Shivarra
  2. Bracers of Rippling Darkness - Tomb of Sargeras, Fallen Avatar
  3. Well-Flattened Wristguards - Nighthold, Krosus
  4. Sky-Valiant's Wristguards - Trial of Valor, Odyn
  5. Dragonspur Wristguards - Emerald Nightmare, Dragons of Nightmare
  6. Blackfin Wristband - Return to Karazhan, Opera: Westfall Story
  7. Flame Juggler's Armbands - Vault of the Wardens, Ash'golm
  1. Bearmantle Paws - Antorus, Kin'garoth
  2. Stormheart Gloves - Tomb of Sargeras, Harjatan
  3. Gloves of the Astral Warden - Nighthold, Etraeus
  4. Dreamsculptor's Gloves - Emerald Nightmare, Il'gynoth
  5. Salt-Stained Tuskarr Gloves - World Boss, Flotsam
  6. Guileful Intruder Handguards - Court of Stars, Patrol Captain Gerdo
  1. Death-Enveloping Cincture - Antorus, Argus the Unmaker
  2. Waistguard of Profane Duplicity - Tomb of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden
  3. High Shadow Councilor's Wrap - Nighthold, Gul'dan
  4. Strand of Whelk Shells - Trial of Valor, Helya
  5. Forest-Lord's Waistwrap - Emerald Nightmare, Cenarius
  6. Hel-Cursed Belt - World Boss, Reaver Jdorn
  7. Blightbile Waistband - Assault on Violet Hold, Festerface
  1. Bearmantle Legguards - Antorus, Imonar the Soulhunter
  2. Stormheart Legguards - Tomb of Sargeras, Mistress Sassz'ine
  3. Leggings of the Astral Warden - Nighthold, Gul'dan
  4. Splotched Bloodfur Leggings - Emerald Nightmare, Ursoc
  5. Willbreaker Legguards - Return to Karazhan, Moroes
  6. Fevermelt Legguards - Court of Stars, Talixae Flamewreath
  1. Life-Bearing Footpads - Antorus, Eonar the Life-Binder
  2. Felscape Pathfinders - Tomb of Sargeras, Fallen Avatar
  3. Stutterstep Treads - Nighthold, Chronomatic Anomaly
  4. Moccasins of Silent Passage - Trial of Valor, Guarm
  5. Boots of Endless Betrayal - Emerald Nightmare, Xavius
  6. Tunnel Trudger Footguards - The Arcway, Ivanyr
  1. Band of the Sargerite Smith - Antorus, Kin'garoth
  2. Sullied Seal of the Pantheon - Antorus, Argus the Unmaker
  3. Yathae's Thumb Ring - Tomb of Sargeras, Sisters of the Moon
  4. Seal of the Second Duumvirate - Tomb of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden
  5. Tearstone of Elune - Legendary, World Drop
  6. Ring of Exclusive Servitude - Nighthold, Tichondrius
  7. Ring of Braided Stems - Nighthold, Tel'arn
  8. Ring of Ascended Glory - Trial of Valor, Odyn
  9. Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet - Emerald Nightmare, Xavius
  10. Ring of Frozen Magic - World Boss, Calamir
  11. Terestian's Signet Ring - Return to Karazhan, The Curator
  12. Gnawed Thumb Ring - The Arcway, Ivanyr
Life Relic
  1. Fraternal Fervor - Antorus, Felhounds of Sargeras
  2. Glowing Prayer Candle - Tomb of Sargeras, The Desolate Host
  3. Essence of the Burgeoning Brood - Invasion Point, Matron Folnuna
  4. Construct Personality Sphere - Nighthold, Trilliax
  5. Bioluminescent Mushroom - Emerald Nightmare, Dragons of Nightmare
Frost Relic
  1. Sublimating Portal Frost - Antorus, Portal Keeper Hasabel
  2. Frigid Earing - Invasion Point, Matron Folnuna
  3. Globe of Frothing Eddies - Tomb of Sargeras, Mistress Sassz'ine
  4. Sundered Comet - Nighthold, Etraeus
  5. Chilled Incisor - Trial of Valor, Guarm

Best in Slot Trinkets

Restoration Druids almost always favor trinkets with static intellect and stats over trinkets with proc or on-use effects. The exception to this is large item level differences, but even then many trinkets with static stats still appear very high on the list.

To help make selecting trinkets easier, I've included the approximate item level worth of each trinket in parenthesis, with additional trinkets shown in the expandable table below the list. This is compared to a trinket with static intellect and versatility. Versatility was chosen because it's the least variable of the secondary stats.

An example of how to use item level worth information: pretend you have a 920 Tarratus Keystone and an 890 Unstable Arcanocrystal. Based on the data, Tarratus Keystone is worth -5 item levels and the Unstable Acranocrystal is worth 40 item levels, so subtract 5 from the 920 and add 40 to the 890. This makes them 915 and 930 respectively, meaning the Unstable Arcanocrystal is better. Keep in mind, this is a fairly accurate, but still rough, estimate. I always recommend simulating your own gear or using common sense if something seems off.

Sockets and leech are both worth <5 item levels, so generally they won't change anything in trinket comparisons unless the trinkets end up at the same item level.

The following trinkets aren't available in the simulator, but will be added to the list when available:
Infernal Alchemist Stone

Raid Healing

Antorus Notes: Several strong trinkets are being introduced, not least of which is a trinket that will finally replace Darkmoon Deck: Promises! Depending on your legendary choice, your default trinket setup will likely be Aman'thul's Vision and Carafe of Searing Light. Aman'thul's Vision is a beefed up Unstable Arcanocrystal with a leech and intellect proc, all things Resto Druids like. Carafe of Searing Light is the spiritual successor to Darkmoon Deck: Promises, restoring slightly less mana in general, but offering more intellect and damage.

  1. Carafe of Searing Light (80 item levels) - Antorus, Varimathras
  2. Darkmoon Deck: Promises (75 item levels) - Crafted, Inscription
  3. Unstable Arcanocrystal (40 item levels) - World Boss, Withered J'im
  4. Highfather's Machination (40 item levels) - Antorus, Coven of Shivarra
  5. Aman'thul's Vision (~25 item levels) - Antorus, Argus the Unmaker
  6. Velen's Future Sight (~15 item levels) - Legendary, World Drop
  7. Eonar's Compassion (~10 item levels) - Antorus, Argus the Unmaker
  8. Sea Star of the Depthmother (5 item levels) - Tomb of Sargeras, Mistress Sassz'ine
  9. Barbaric Mindslaver (5 item levels) - Tomb of Sargeras, Demonic Inquisition
  10. Static Intellect and Secondary Stat Trinket (0 item levels) - Most Commonly from World Quests

**Trinket item level worth (particularly for Antorus trinkets) will be re-evaluated if needed as new live data is available, so check back for updates!

Full trinket list with data.

Trinket HPS
(400 second fight)
Item Level Worth
(gain to match HPS)
Report Report to Match Notes
Static Intellect/Versatility 828,002 0 -  
Barbaric Mindslaver 833,718 5 Item level manually adjusted down, simulation has a flat proc rate
Unstable Arcanocrystal 843,529 40  
Chalice of Moonlight 827,812 0 -  
Sea Star of the Depthmother 830,558 5  
Fluctuating Energy 857,245 0 - Item level manually adjusted down
The Deceiver's Grand Design 878,834 -5 - Item level manually adjusted down overall, noted as being higher when tank-healing
Darkmoon Deck: Promises 854,555 75  
Padawsen's Unlucky Charm 819,204 0 -  
Flask of the Solemn Night 822,475 -5 -  
Chrono Shard 820,301 -5 -  
Charm of the Rising Tide 816,322 -10  
Thrumming Gossamer 811,568 -10 -  
Amalgam's Seventh Spine 817,834 -10 -  
Etraeus Celestial Map 827,166 0 -  
Brinewater Slime in a Bottle 823,899 0 -  
Perfectly Preserved Cake 827,554 -5 - Item level manually adjusted down
Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire 821,389 0 -  
Ethereal Urn 825,701 0 -  
Jewel of Insatiable Desire 819,541 -5 -  
Aluriel's Mirror 827,821 -15 - Item level manually adjusted down
Ephemeral Paradox 813,814 -10 -  
Heightened Senses 812,679 -10 -  
Faith's Crucible 813,415 -10 -  
Horn of Valor 818,079 -5 -  
Mote of Sanctification 815,081 -10 -  
Concave Reflecting Lens 822,720 -10 - Item level manually adjusted down
Nether Anti-toxin 823,472 -10 - Item level manually adjusted down
Naglfar Fare 826,872 -10 - Item level manually adjusted down
Bottled Hurricane 814,350 -15 - Item level manually adjusted down
Horn of Cenarius 814,641 -15 - Item level manually adjusted down
Obelisk of the Void 818,715 -15 - Item level manually adjusted down
Archive of Faith 820,405 -15 - Item level manually adjusted down
Cocoon of Enforced Solitude 799,133 -10 - Item level manually adjusted up, sim doesn't use trinket properly
Carafe of Searing Light 850,196 80 -  
Garothi Feedback Conduit 827,162 -5 -  
Highfather's Machination  847,617 40  
Ishkar's Felshield Emitter 822,892 -10 - Item level adjusted down
Tarratus Keystone 826,491 -5 -  
Vitality Resonator 828,242 -5 - Simulation doesn't currently use the on-use effect
Eonar's Compassion 856,376 10 - Item level adjusted up, simulation doesn't proc secondary effect
Aman'thul's Vision 873,395 25 - Item level manually adjusted up, simulation doesn't proc secondary effect
Velen's Future Sight 871,515 15 -

Item level manually adjusted up, no comparable stat-stick trinket to directly test against, only 970 version available in simulation

Best in Slot Legendary Items

Legendary items are often swapped around depending on the fight. In the interest of providing better information, I've decided not to simulate legendary items this time around and instead note which ones stand out based on the type of fight. If a legendary item isn't listed, it doesn't readily compete with the others based on current content and tier sets.

Raid Healing

Antorus Notes: T21 allows for more legendary flexibility, so you can switch your legendary items around to optimize for the fight or your play style. To give some context, I've included recommendations for various scenarios below, but these are by no means hard requirements. I'll be monitoring logs and testing out items myself once I have T21 and make any changes necessary.

General Use

These will be your default choices if you're not familiar with a fight or none of the other scenarios apply.

  1. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus
  2. Aman’Thul’s Wisdom
  3. Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds
  4. Velen's Future Sight
  5. Insignia of the Grand Army
Sustained Group-wide Damage

These will be your choices if the group is going to be taking sustained damage for large portions of the fight.

  1. Aman’Thul’s Wisdom
  2. Chameleon Song
  3. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus
  4. Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds
  5. Velen's Future Sight
Bursts of Group-wide Damage

These will be your choices if there are bursts of group-wide damage instead of sustained group-wide damage.

  1. Aman’Thul’s Wisdom
  2. Velen's Future Sight
  3. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus
  4. Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds
  5. Chameleon Song
Overall Ranking

Use this list if you're missing some or all of the legendary items noted above and need to decide which to use overall.

  1. Aman’Thul’s Wisdom
  2. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus
  3. Velen's Future Sight
  4. Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds
  5. Insignia of the Grand Army
  6. Chameleon Song
  7. Soul of the Archdruid
  8. Tearstone of Elune
  9. Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya
  10. The Dark Titan’s Advice
  11. X'oni's Caress
  12. Sephuz's Secret
  13. Essence of Infusion

Legendary Item Overview

Below you’ll find information on all of the legendary items that are available to Restoration Druids in Legion. Any legendary item will be good simply because of its high item level, however, some effects will be more useful in certain situations.

On a new character, you will be able to equip one legendary item at a time. The final Order Hall Advancement talent will allow you to equip an additional legendary item. Blizzard has stated they may raise the cap as the expansion goes on, but no specific date has been set. Blizzard has also said legendary items can drop from anywhere in the game (Legion content). They are confirmed to drop from the following sources: dungeon bosses, raid bosses, world bosses, emissary caches, PvP strongboxes, mythic+ weekly caches, and Blingtron 6000 boxes. There is currently no way to target a specific legendary drop, the drops are simply based on your selected Loot Specialization.

Aman’Thul’s Wisdom

Aman'Thul's Wisdom is great for raid healing, especially on encounters where you find yourself pre-casting Rejuvenation on players in preparation for high group-wide damage. The shoulders allow you to have even more Rejuvenations active before the damage starts, giving you even more things to buff with Incarnation: Tree of Life or Essence of G'hanir, as detailed on the healing tips page.

Chameleon Song

Chameleon Song is great for raid healing. It will be best on fights where you're consistently using Wild Growth on cooldown. If you're only using Wild Growth sparingly, Tree of Life will not proc nearly enough or nearly consistently enough to be worthwhile over other options. This is another legendary item that should continue to see niche uses going forward. It's worth noting the Tree of Life buff from this item works exactly like the talent, causing Wild Growth to affect more targets, Regrowth to be instant-cast, etc.

Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya

Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya are great for single-target healing as well as a small bit of extra sustained healing in some situations. Extending 3+ heal over time effects on a tank is very useful, and usually allows you to move on to healing other players without worrying about the tank dying. Even using Swiftmend on a non-tank to extend 1-2 heal over time effects can allow you to move on to other players taking damage sooner. While the bracers aren't as powerful in that situation, it does make the bracers somewhat flexible as they see a positive benefit when extending any number of heal over time effects.

Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds

Ekowraith, Creator or Worlds is great for all-around utility and a healing boost, and works with our Tier 3 talent choices. As a Restoration Druid, the chest will make our Ysera's Gift heal for 5% (instead of 3%). Then, with our Tier 3 talents have a choice of gaining 9-yards of spell and ability range (instead of 5-yards), 26% more movement speed (instead of 15%), or 10% reduced damage taken (instead of 6%). It's not the biggest healing boost on the list, but the utility options it buffs can't be overlooked, allowing you to tailor yourself to specific encounters.

Essence of Infusion

Essence of Infusion look very powerful for raid healing, unfortunately their effect works against itself. A boost of healing on players below 60% health is nice, but it will often only happen for one or two ticks of Tranquility. On top of that, the extra healing will rarely be the difference between life and death. With that being said, it's possible at some point they'll see niche use on damage that keeps players consistently below 60% health, but until then they're nice for the additional stats over a non-legendary item.

Insignia of the Grand Army

Insignia of the Grand Army is okay all-around. It becomes strong or weaker depending on your Netherlight Crucible traits, but even with the best traits its healing increase is less than other legendary items. I'll have more information here as I'm able to test it on live servers.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus is great for boosting survivability. The three secondary stats and gem socket are also nice for Restoration Druids. The drawback is you won't be able to trigger the shield when you need it, and you can't prevent damage from removing it, so in many cases you're at the mercy of the fight. Even with that in mind, any damage not taken is mana saved for yourself and other healers.

Sephuz's Secret

Sephuz's Secret is an okay all-around legendary, mostly due to the increased stats over a non-legendary item. The proc effect can be triggered by dispelling players, but he drawback is it can be hard to coordinate the haste buff with periods of high damage. In most encounters, you can't wait to dispel something so you could easily gain the haste buff and not have anything to do with it. However, if you can gain the haste buff at an optimal time, it's incredibly powerful with lots of existing heal over time effects on players.

Soul of the Archdruid

Soul of the Archdruid is great for raid healing. Being able to buff your Wild Growth prior to a burst of raid damage, or buff it during a period of sustained raid damage, is rarely ever wasted. The ring loses out to some more consistently useful, and arguably less clunky legendary items, but it's sure to continue to have niche situations where it shines.

Tearstone of Elune

Tearstone of Elune is okay for raid healing. You'll be using Wild Growth quite often, and the additional Rejuvenations from this ring will be extra, free healing, which is important in Legion with mana management being so important. You do run the risk of the bonus Rejuvenations being over-healing, but considering you'll use Wild Growth during periods of high or sustained damage, this is less likely.

The Dark Titan’s Advice

The Dark Titan's Advice is nice for single-target healing. The drawback is the "bloom" may not happen when you need it most. Even considering you can force the bloom to happen by refreshing Lifebloom when it has <30% of its duration left, it's still relatively unflexible when compared to other single-target options. It also looses some of it's benefit in a raid setting with other strong tank healers, such as holy paladins, where the bloom is even more likely to be overhealing.

Velen's Future Sight

Velen's Future Sight is a very powerful trinket all-around. Just the stats alone make it great, but the on-use effect is where it shines for Restoration Druids. A problem we often face is when we start putting Rejuvenation or other heal over time effects on the group, some players inevitably reach full health faster than others. We're then left with the choice of spending more mana to top them off, letting them stay with missing health, or waiting for another healer to top them off (spending their mana). This trinket, when used at the right time, will let us redirect some of the otherwise wasted overhealing to the players that are still missing health. I see this as a great effect to use towards the end of heavy group-wide damage to help smooth out topping off players. It also couples well with Tranquility to turn it into a powerful heal on a handful of players, something Tranquility is otherwise a bit weak for.

X'oni's Caress

X'oni's Caress is nice for single-target and emergency healing. It turns Ironbark into a powerful, on-demand heal alongside its existing damage mitigation. You almost always have Rejuvenation active on multiple players, so you can count on your Ironbark target also being healed for a significant amount. This essentially removes Ironbark's "weakness" of simply being a damage mitigation ability. Unfortunately, this item falls short of other single-target healing options due in part to the cooldown on Ironbark.

Set Bonus Item Level Worth

To help with deciding between set bonuses, I calculated the approximate item level worth of bonuses that provide a healing benefit. The item level gain is compared to non-set items with the same or similar stat distribution.

An example of how to use item level worth information: If a two-piece set bonus is worth 10 item levels, you can lose 10 total item levels when compared to the items you're replacing. Pretend you have the Jacin's Ruse set, 900 item level gloves, and 890 item level boots. If you're replacing 910 gloves and 890 boots, the set would be the same. If you're replacing 905 gloves and 895 boots, the set would also be the same. Basically, the item level worth can be divided up between the items you're replacing with reasonably similar results.

Raid Healing

Set Item Level Worth
(gain to match HPS)
(400 second fight)
Report Report to Match Notes
Jacin's Ruse 10 126,838  
Journey Through Time 0 118,584  
Druid T19 2-piece (Restoration) 15 133,485  
Druid T19 4-piece (Restoration) 80 180,269 Also includes 2-piece bonus
Druid T20 2-piece (Restoration) 10 128,915  
Druid T20 4-piece (Restoration) 35 173,834 Also includes 2-piece bonus
Druid T21 2-piece (Restoration) 15 133,661  
Druid T21 4-piece (Restoration) 45 175,596 Also includes 2-piece bonus

Additional Data

Below is a collection of data used to compile the information on this page but that didn't necessarily fit in any of the sections.

Mastery/Haste vs Critical Strike/Haste Builds

Build HPS
(400 second fight)
+/- Error Range Report
Mastery/Haste 675,242 3341.9
Critical Strike/Haste 661,342 3268.3

Stat weight simulation results.

These results were used to generate the stat weights above:

The simulation ran 1,630 different setups to determine the best weights centered around the Antorus best in slot list. As expected, the weights heavily favor mastery.

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January 15, 2018 (Restoration Druid Guide) - Guide reviewed for patch 7.3.5, not changes needed.

January 03, 2018 (Addons) - Added my WeakAura for Eonar's Verdant Embrace.

December 10, 2017 (Stat Weights and Gearing) - Added set bonus item level worth section.

December 07, 2017 (Artifact Weapon and Relics) - Added CrucibleWeight addon import code.

December 05, 2017 (Stat Weights and Gearing) - Trinket item level worth updated for Dec 5 hotfixes: Garothi Feedback Conduit +5, Highfather's Machination +5, Ishkar's Felshield Emitter +5, Tarratus Keystone +0, Vitality Resonator +0.

November 28, 2017 (Stat Weights and Gearing) - Updated the item level worth of some trinkets, particularly trinkets available at item level 1000. Previously, I had counted item level worth from 915, instead of from 1000.

November 26, 2017 (Addons) - Grid saved variables have been updated to include debuffs from the Antorus guides.

November 25, 2017 (Stat Weights and Gearing) - Added stat weights, changed the BiS wrist and finger items, and added the Insignia of the Grand Army legendary.

November 24, 2017 (Enchants, Gems, Consumables) - Updated raiding enchant and consumable information to favor mastery.

November 24, 2017 (Stat Weights and Gearing) - Updated Best in Slot, Legendary, and Trinket information for Antorus, including the new "item level worth" system for trinkets.

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