Trilliax, Healer Guide

Patch 7.1.5 Updated
Jan 16, 2017

Trilliax Dungeon Journal ModelThis page covers a healer-focused strategy for Trilliax in The Nighthold. While it's tailored for healers, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

This guide has been updated and maintained based on my own experiences with the fight as well as Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.

General Mechanics and Abilities

Normal and Heroic

Trilliax switches between several modes during the fight with each mode having unique abilities and mechanics.

All Modes
The Cleaner
  • Avoid the impact locations of Toxic Slice.
    • The pieces of cake need to be eaten, or removed by Scrubbers from The Caretaker mode, before Cleansing Rage is cast when Trilliax reaches full mana.
    • Eating a piece will apply a stacking damage over time effect.
    • On Heroic, eating too much cake will give you the Stuffed debuff.
  • When affected by Sterilize, stay at least 7-yards away from other players.
    • Standing near Scrubbers with Sterilize will slowly reduce their energy while dealing damage to you. This is important as Scrubbers must not reach maximum energy.
The Maniac
  • During this mode, Arcane Slash is used more frequently.
  • Mana Rupture deals random, light damage to the group.
  • Everyone affected by Arcing Bonds needs to stand together.
  • Avoid the Annihilation beam that is cast when Trilliax reaches full mana.
    • The beam shoots in front of and behind Trilliax as he rotates in place.
The Caretaker
  • Tidy Up summons Scrubbers that will begin cleaning the room.
  • Succulent Feast will be thrown out when Trilliax reaches full mana. Clicking on it will give you a large damage absorption shield.
    • It's unclear if this has a specific use from the Dungeon Journal, but my guess is you want all or most of the Scrubbers to reach maximum energy when everyone has a shield. Allowing you to survive Cleansing Destruction and reset the Scrubbers to zero energy.

Mythic Differences

Healing Strategy

Healing this fight should be relatively straightforward as long as mechanics are handled properly.

The Cleaner Mode

  • Be aware of the critical group-wide damage from Cleansing Rage if there are still Toxic Slice in the room. However, this will probably kill most players despite any cooldowns.
  • Players with Sterilize may require extra healing if they're draining energy from a Scrubber.

The Maniac Mode

  • The group will be taking constant light damage from Mana Rupture.
  • Players affected by Arcing Bonds will need additional healing until they remove the debuff.

The Caretaker Mode

  • Be aware of the critical group-wide damage if a Scrubber reaches maximum energy and casts Cleansing Destruction.

Debuffs to Track

  • Sterilize causes players to need additional healing if they're draining a Scrubber.
  • Arcing Bonds causes affected players to need additional healing.

DBM Settings

Below are the DBM settings I'll be using for Trilliax. You can set them up however you'd like, but these ones should work well as a starting point. Some settings may be Mythic only.

Settings will be added after the initial DBM update following Nighthold's release. This will ensure the most accurate settings.

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