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Deathwing’s Fall lore and history - Field Photographer Friday

Posted 3 years, 4 months ago by Preston in Field Photographer Friday, Lore, Warcraft.

Field Photographer Friday is a weekly look at the lore and history behind locations around World of Warcraft. This week, we're taking a look at Deathwing's Fall!

Prales standing over the blood at Deathwing's Fall Thumbnail
Prales standing over the blood at Deathwing's Fall

Deathwing's Fall is located in south-east Deepholm and appears as a large pool of lava in a shallow crater. The lava is actually the blood of Deathwing and was deposited at the location when he landed in Deepholm following his defeat during after the Second War.

Deathwing had sought to destroy the Alliance by puppeting and coercing its senior members using powerful magic and a human-form known as Daval Prestor. He started by working his way into the inner circle of King Terenas Menethil. Following the Second War, he set his sights on seeding divide among the Alliance over what should be done with Alterac Valley. First, he suggested it should simply be annexed by the Lordaeron or Stromgarde kingdoms, an idea what was quickly dismissed. Several years later, with Alterac Valley still in limbo, King Terenas suggested that Daval Prestor be put in charge of the Valley. Unbeknownst to others at the meeting, Terenas was being telepathically coerced by Deathwing. Terenas was even prepared to marry his daughter, Princess Calia, to Daval as a marriage alliance between the new King of Alterac Valley and the King of Lordaeron.

Following this string of unusual suggestions by King Terenas, and having been largely left out of the meetings, the Kirin Tor of Dalaran went to investigate Daval Prestor's home. When Korialstrasz arrived at the home, he triggered a powerful magic-trap known as Endless Hunger, which attempts to devour all magical sources nearby. While severely maimed by the trap, Korialstrasz was able to discover the true identity of Daval Prestor as Deathwing.

By this time, Deathwing had successfully orchestrated the enslavement of Alexstrasza to the Horde in Grim Batol. The Horde used the Demon Soul and Dark Iron chains to control the red dragonflight for years following the Second War. They were eventually freed by the mage Rhonin after he used the scale from a pendant Deathwing gave him to craft a powerful gemstone which was used to destroy the Demon Soul. With her power restored, and with the help of the other Dragon Aspects, Alexstrasza defeated Deathwing and forced him to retreat through the Maelstrom back to Deepholm.

Deathwing's Fall in Deepholm Thumbnail
Deathwing's Fall in Deepholm

Deathwing was severely wounded from the preceding battle and the crater where he landed in Deepholm quickly filled with his blood. He would soon after make his way to Stonecore to begin healing, leaving a spotted trail of blood behind. It's unclear when this location received the name Deathwing's Fall, but it's certainly a nod towards the dire circumstances Deathwing faced upon landing.

The pool of blood at Deathwing's Fall was left to slowly dry up until the Cataclysm expansion, which is the first time we see the location in game. With Deathwing's triumphant return, the Twilight Hammer set up a camp around the pool and began using foul magic to reanimate the blood. This was done to ensure it would never dry up and would slowly become more abundant and powerful. At the direction of the Earthen Ring, Horde and Alliance heroes are sent to Deathwing's Fall over a series of quests to put a stop to the Twilight's Hammer. With the eventual death of Deathwing in the Dragon Soul raid instance, it's inferred that the blood at Deathwing's Fall is once again left to slowly dry up.

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