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Tol Dagor, Healer Guide

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This page covers healer-focused strategies for Tol Dagor dungeon. While it's tailored for healers, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

This guide has been updated and maintained based on my own experiences as well as Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.


Below are guides for the bosses in Tol Dagor, including their abilities, healer notes, and addon settings.

The Sand Queen Dungeon Journal Model The Sand Queen

  • Avoid the Sand Traps.
  • Avoid the player targeted by Upheaval after The Sand Queen burrows.
  • During Sandstorm, avoid being pushed into Sand Traps.
  • At 30% health, gains Enrage, increasing haste and damage dealt.
  • On Heroic, each of The Sand Queen's abilities summons a Buzzing Drone.
    • Targets random players with Itchy Bite.
    • When killed, grants The Sand Queen a stack of Enrage.
      • This should be dispelled if possible.

 Healing Notes

 Debuffs to Track

DBM settings and other useful addons will be added as they're available.

Jes Howlis Dungeon Journal Model Jes Howlis

  • When Flashing Daggers is cast, break line of sight of the boss until it ends to avoid the heavy damage.
  • Dispel Crippling Shiv (poison).
  • Interrupt Howling Fear to prevent all players from being Feared.
  • Smoke Powder stuns all players and allows Jes to release several prisoners.
    • Irontide Raiders have no special abilities and should just be tanked.
    • On Heroic, Bobby Howlis
  • Interrupt Motivating Cry to prevent stacks of Motivated being applied to Irontide Raiders.

 Healing Notes

  • Use Cooldowns on Flashing Daggers if some players aren't out of line of sight of Jes.
 Debuffs to Track

DBM settings and other useful addons will be added as they're available.

Knight Captain Valyri Dungeon Journal Model Knight Captain Valyri

  • Don't stand in front of the boss to avoid Cinderflame.
  • Avoid the Ignition circles, unless you must move a Munitions Barrel as detailed below.
  • Dispel Fuselighter (magic).
  • During the fight, Munitions Barrels are randomly dropped around the room.
  • If a Munitions Barrel comes in contact with any fire source, avoid the large Burning Arsenal circle.

 Healing Notes

 Debuffs to Track

DBM settings and other useful addons will be added as they're available.

Overseer Korgus Dungeon Journal Model Overseer Korgus

  • Avoid the Cross Ignition lines.
  • When affected by Explosive Burst, move at least 5-yards away from other players.
  • Deadeye should be blocked by a player that doesn't already have the Deadeye debuff from previously blocking one.
  • Avoid the Massive Blast cone from the cannons on the edge of the roof.
  • Korgus will periodically load Azerite Ammunition into a cannon.
  • On Heroic, when affected by Heartstopper Venom, try to minimize your movement to prevent the stun.

 Healing Notes

  • Use Cooldowns if Incendiary Rounds stacks get too high.
  • Be aware of players affected by Deadeye as they may need to be topped off before being hit.
 Debuffs to Track

DBM settings and other useful addons will be added as they're available.


 Trash Mobs

Below are notes for the trash mobs in Tol Dagor. Tol Dagor has a relatively linear layout. The trash below is ordered as if you're completing the bosses in the order they're listed above. Some spells don't exist in the database and will be added as soon as they're available.

Entrance thru The Sand Queen

  • Sewer Vicejaw
    • Applies stacks of Massive Chomp to their current aggro target, reducing maximum health.
  • Silt Crab

The Sand Queen thru Jes Howlis

  • Stinging Parasite
  • Irontide Thug
    • Stun to interrupt Debilitating Shout (dispel, magic) to prevent the increased damage taken debuff.
  • Blacktooth Arsonist
  • Bilgerat Looter
  • Bilgerate Seaspeaker
    • Interrupt Watery Dome to prevent the absorption shield.
  • This area also contains Sewer Vicejaws, detailed above.

Jes Howlis thru Knight Captain Valyri

  • Ashvane Jailer, Ashvane Officer
    • Interrupt Handcuff to remove the silence effect.
  • Ashvane Marine, Ashvale Spotter
  • Avoid the large Burning Arsenal circles from Munitions Barrels.
  • Ashvane Flamecaster
  • This area also contains Bilgerat Looters, Irontide Thug, detailed above.

Knight Captain Valyri thru Overseer Korgus

  • Ashvane Priest
  • Ashvane Warden
    • Stay at least 5-yards away to avoid Lockdown.

 Trash Debuffs to Track

 Trash Addons

DBM settings and other useful addons will be added as they're available.


Normal Clear, Restoration Druid PoV

Below is a video of me clearing Tol Dagor on Normal difficulty on the Battle for Azeroth Beta.

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