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Mechagon, Healer Guide

Updated 5 months, 2 weeks ago for patch 8.3 by Preston. View the change log.

This page covers healer-focused strategies for the Operation: Mechagon dungeon. While it's tailored for healers, other roles may also find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

This guide has been updated and maintained based on my own experiences as well as Dungeon Journal information. I'll continue to update it as-needed.


Below are guides for the bosses in Operation: Mechagon, including their abilities, healer notes, and addon settings.

King Gobbamak Dungeon Journal Model King Gobbamak

  • During Rumble, avoid the impact locations of Cave In.
    • All players take moderate damage over time for the duration of Rumble.
  • At 100% Energy, stand within 8-yards of the tank to split the damage dealt by Charged Smash.
    • All players hit will be affected by Electrical Charge, taking light damage over time and dealing damage to players within 6-yards.
      • While affected, move near a Stolen Tech (detailed below) to activate it and remove the debuff.
  • Periodically summons Scrapbone Grunters from the nearby cave and the ceiling.
    • These target random players with Rampaging.
  • Stolen Tech
    • Activating Stolen Tech with Electrical Charge helps keep the Scrapbone Grunters under control. 
    • Stolen Scrapbot
      • Spins around the area Thrashing Grunters.
    • Stolen Shock Coil
      • Zaps nearby Grunters.

 Healing Notes

  • Pre-heal before and use Cooldowns on Rumble.
 Debuffs to Track

Healer DBM Settings for King Gobbamak

Gunker Dungeon Journal Model Gunker

  • The tank should always stay in melee range of Gunker to avoid Sludge Bolt being cast.
  • Most of Gunker's abilities leave Toxic Goop behind.
    • Touching Toxic Goop applies Gooped (dispel, disease), incapacitating the affected player and dealing light damage over time.
      • Gooped must be destroyed by other players or dispelled to free the trapped player.
  • Squirt Bots roam the area, cleansing Toxic Goop within 5-yards of themselves with Sanitizing Spray.
    • These can also be affected by Gooped (dispel, disease) and should be freed whenever possible.
  • Toxic Fumes deals light damage over time to all players for the duration of the encounter.
  • During Toxic Wave, stand inside a Squirt Bot's Sanitizing Spray to avoid the wave.
  • Avoid the impact locations of Splatter.
    • This will always apply Gooped (dispel, disease) to one Squirt Bot.
  • Coalesce pulls all players and Toxic Goop towards Gunker.

 Healing Notes

  • Be aware of players that are Gooped (dispel, disease) to heal or dispel them.
 Debuffs to Track
  • Major: Gooped (dispel, disease)

Healer DBM Settings for Gunker

 Trixie Dungeon Journal Model Trixie and Naeno

This encounter consists of two enemies that do not share a health pool.

  • Trixie "The Tech" Tazer
    • Periodically moves to a new location with Electric Slide.
    • Interrupt Taze to prevent damage on random players.
    • When targeted by Mega Taze, stand in a Smoke Cloud to prevent the damage over time.
    • Periodically Jump Starts Naeno's Mechacycle.
    • Upon death, buffs Naeno with Turob Boost causing his attacks to deal moderate damage to all players.
  • Naeno Megacrash

 Healing Notes

  • Players targeted by Mega Taze will take critical damage over time if they fail to make it to a Smoke Cloud.
 Debuffs to Track

Healer DBM Settings for Trixie and Naeno

HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit Dungeon Journal Model HK-8 Aerial Suppression Unit

This encounter alternates between stages until HK-8 is killed.

Stage One - Fire At Will!

This stage begins the encounter and restarts after the Overcharge Station has been hacked. The stage ends when the Tank Buster MK1 is killed.

  • HK-8 is not attackable during this stage.
  • Players must stay within the blue circle to avoid Anti-Tresspassing Teleport.
  • Avoid the impact locations of Cannon Blast.
  • The Reinforcement Relay periodically warps in reinforcements.
    • Tank Buster MK1
      • Only one of these spawns over the duration of the stage.
      • The tank will be dealing with Wreck.
      • Targets random players with Fulminating Zap, dealing moderate damage over time.
    • Walkie Shockie X1
      • Spawn in groups of three.
      • Can be crowd-controlled.
      • Stay at least 5-yards away from these to avoid damage from Static Discharge.
      • At 0% Energy, stay at least 6-yards away from these to avoid the fatal damage from Self-Destruct.

Stage Two - Annihilation!

This stage begins and restarts when the Tank Buster MK1 is killed and ends when the Overcharge Station reaches 0% Energy.

  • Leave the center area to avoid fatal damage from Annihilation Blast.
  • One of two Overcharge Stations becomes active, either one up the path to the north, or one up the path to the south-east.
    • There is a gauntlet players must pass to reach the Station.
    • Avoid the wire mesh Vent Blast areas on the circular platforms to avoid being stunned.
    • Avoid the Sentry Array beams as they rotate around the circular platforms, players hit will be teleported by Anti-Tresspassing Teleport.
    • Avoid the Sentry Bots as they move down the pathways, players hit will be teleported by Anti-Tresspassing Teleport.
    • Upon reaching the Overcharge Station, click on it to begin Hacking.
      • When the Station reaches 0% Energy, HK-8 goes Haywire in the center area and takes 200% increased damage.
      • Failing to Hack the Station in 1.5-minutes will cause Annihilation Blast to deal fatal damage to all players.

 Healing Notes

  • The tank will need additional healing or an external defensive cooldown when affected by Wreck.
  • Players targeted by Fulminating Zap will need moderate healing over time.
 Debuffs to Track

Healer DBM Settings for HK-8 Aerial Suppression Unit


Tussle Tonks Dungeon Journal Model Tussle Tonks

  • The Platinum Pummeler
    • Protected by 3-stacks of Platinum Plating, reducing damage taken by 33% per stack.
    • During Whirling Edge, stay at least 5-yards away from the boss to avoid the heavy damage.
    • Avoid the mines laid by Lay Mine.
  • Gnomercy 4.U.
    • Charges random players with Foe Flipper, launching all players within 6-yards into the air.
    • During Vent Jets, don't stand in front of the boss.
      • All players will be taking moderate damage over time.
    • Targets random players with Maximum Thrust, knocking back all players in its path.
      • When possible, aim this towards the arena wall to stun the boss.
  • Tussle Tonk Arena
    • Stay at least 4-yards away from Piston Smashers to avoid the extra damage and stun.
    • Avoid the grid-like crevices in the arena floor as Buzz Saws will randomly move through them, knocking back players hit.

 Healing Notes

  • Position yourself away from the boss before Vent Jets to minimize the chance having to move will interrupt your healing.
 Debuffs to Track
  • There are no particular debuffs to track.

Healer DBM Settings for Tussle Tonks

K.U.-J.0. Dungeon Journal Model K.U.-J.0.

  • The tank will steadily gain stacks of Blazing Chomp (dispel, magic).
    • When dispelled, this deals damage to all players based on the number of stacks.
    • This can generally be dispelled as soon as it's applied because it stacks very slowly.
  • Avoid the impact locations of Air Drops.
  • When targeted by Explosive Leap, move at least 8-yards away from other players and Junk Bombs.
  • During Venting Flames, break line of sight on the boss using Air Drop boxes to prevent the critical damage dealt.

 Healing Notes

  • Be sure all players are topped off before dispelling Blazing Chomp (magic).
 Debuffs to Track

Healer DBM Settings for K.U.-J.0.

Machinist's Garden Dungeon Journal Model Machinist's Garden

 Healing Notes

  • This fight can become hectic with all the mechanics that need to be dodged, be aware of players that end up out of range or line of sight.
 Debuffs to Track

Healer DBM Settings for Machinist's Garden

 King Mechagon Dungeon Journal Model King Mechagon

Stage One - Aerial Unit R-21/X

  • The tank will be dealing with Pulse Blast.
  • Avoid the Plasma Orbs scattered around the area.
    • Avoid the impact locations and the Orb's paths during Recalibrate.
  • Avoid the space between Mechagon and the player targeted by Giga-Zap, players hit take moderate damage and then moderate damage over time.
  • During Take Off!, stay at least 8-yards away from Mechagon.
    • Once in the air, Cutting Beam deals heavy damage to any players beneath Mechagon as well as light damage over its duration to all players.

Stage Two - Omega Buster

  • Plasma Orbs and Recalibrate continue in this stage.
  • Giga-Zap now targets three players one after the other and affects a larger area.
  • The tank should always stay in melee range of Mechagon to prevent Protocol: Ninety-Nine from dealing heavy damage to all players.
  • Run away from the location of the Magneto-Arm to reduce damage taken.

 Healing Notes

 Debuffs to Track

Healer DBM Settings for King Mechagon

 Trash Mobs

Below are notes for the trash mobs in Operation: Mechagon. Operation: Mechagon has an open layout to begin the instance, followed by a linear layout. Early trash is grouped by the boss it's near while later trash is ordered as if you're completing the bosses as they're listed above.

King Gobbamak Area

  • Scrapbone Shaman
    • Interrupt Stoneskin to prevent the reduced damage taken.
    • Dispel Grasping Hex (curse) to remove the damage over time and root effect.
  • Scrapbone Grinder
  • Scrapbone Bully
    • Dispel Enrage (enrage).
    • Don't stand in front of these when Shockwave is cast to avoid the heavy damage and knock-up effect.
  • Malfunctioning Scrapbot
    • Exhaust clouds obscure vision into and out of the cloud.
    • Stay at least 5-yards away during Gyro-Scrap to avoid the heavy damage over time.
    • Stay at least 8-yards away when Self-Destruct Protocol is cast to avoid the fatal damage.

Trixie and Naeno Area

  • This area includes Malfunctioning Scrapbots, detailed above.
  • Heavy Scrapbot
    • Exhaust clouds obscure vision into and out of the cloud.
    • Stay at least 5-yards away during Gyro-Scrap to avoid the heavy damage over time.
    • Interrupt Repair Protocol to prevent the healing.
  • Walkie Shockie X1
  • Pistonhead Scrapper
    • Applies stacks of Sledgehammer to the tank, reducing armor by 10% per stack.
  • Pistonhead Blaster
    • Avoid the impact locations of Scrap Grenade.
    • Repositions using Run n Gun and deals light damage to all players.
  • Pistonhead Mechanic
    • Stay at least 8-yards away from these to avoid being interrupted by Shield Bash.
    • Interrupt Overclock to prevent the haste on nearby mechanical enemies.
    • Interrupt Repair to prevent the healing on a mechanical enemy.
  • Weaponized Crawler
    • When targeted by Scrap Cannon, point it away from other players.
    • Deals moderate damage over time to all players with Shock Coil.
  • Mechagon Prowler
    • Targets random players with Pounce, dealing moderate damage over time.

Gunker Area

  • Mechagon Trooper
    • Applies Nanoslicer to the tank, dealing light damage over time.
  • Mechagon Renormalizer
    • Interrupt or Purge Enlarge to prevent the increased health and damage dealt.
    • Dispel Shrink (magic), to prevent the affected player from being stepped on by other players.
  • Toxic Monstrosity
    • Three Toxic Monstrosities must be killed in this area to free the Squirt Bots to spawn Gunker.
    • During Consume, run against the pull of the Monstrosity to stay out of the ever-expanding toxic pool around it.
      • Touching the pool applies Consuming Slime (dispel, disease), dealing damage over time and absorbing healing.
  • Gnome-Eating Slime / Gnome-Eating Droplet
  • Slime Elemental
    • Don't stand in front of these when Slimewave to avoid the knock-back effect and moderate damage.
  • Toxic Lurker
    • Interrupt Suffocating Smog (dispel, disease) to prevent the stun and damage over time.

HK-8 Aerial Suppression Unit Area

  • This area includes Mechagon Troopers and Mechagon Renormalizers, detailed above.
  • Anodized Coilbearer
  • Mechagon Cavalry
    • Avoid the impact location of Charge.
    • During Rapid Fire, don't stand in front as it slowly rotates around to avoid heavy damage.

HK-8 Aerial Suppression Unit thru Tussle Tonks

  • Inside the Tussle Tonk arena, avoid the grid-like crevices in the arena floor as Buzz Saws will randomly move through them, knocking back players hit.
  • Bomb Tonk
    • Interrupt or stay at least 5-yards away to avoid damage from Detonate.
  • Rocket Tonk
  • Strider Tonk
    • Stay at least 3-yards away from other players to avoid extra damage from Flying Peck.

Tussle Tonks thru K.U.-J.0.

  • Waste Processing Unit
    • Stay at least 10-yards away during Mega Drill to avoid the moderate damage.
    • Don't stand in front during Process Waste to avoid the moderate damage over time.
  • Living Waste
    • Upon death, deals moderate damage to all players with Volatile Waste.
  • Junkyard D.0.G.

K.U.-J.0. thru Machinist's Garden

  • This area begins with a conveyor belt gauntlet where players must avoid Flame Jets on the walls.
  • Following the gauntlet is small event in the town square, during which King Mechagon will spawn several waves of enemies.
  • After the event, players must navigate a gauntlet of Detect-o-Bots.
    • Avoid the blue circles around the Bots.
    • Standing inside any of the vents/smoke clouds makes you immune to detection, even if you enter one of the blue circles.
  • Mechagon Mechanic
    • Interrupt or dispel Overclock (enrage) to prevent the haste on mechanical enemies.
    • Interrupt Tune Up to prevent the healing.
  • Workshop Defender
    • Applies Chainblade to the tank, dealing moderate damage over time.

Machinist's Garden thru King Mechagon

  • This area includes Workshop Defenders, Mechagon Tinkerers, and Defense Bot MK III, detailed above.
  • Spider Tank

 Trash Debuffs to Track

 Trash Addons

  • Useful addons will be added as they're available.

 Mythic+ Notes

In this section you'll find notes about certain interactions bosses and trash mobs have with the Mythic+ difficulty increase or certain affixes that make them more troublesome than normal.

  • Mythic+ notes will be added if a Mythic+ version of the instance becomes available.

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