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Restoration Druid Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits

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This page covers the four covenants (Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae, Venthyr), the soulbinds, and the conduits available to Restoration Druids in Shadowlands. Feedback is always welcome. You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page, contact me, or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

Joining a Covenant

You'll pick a covenant during the Choosing Your Purpose quest, after reaching level 60 and finishing the main storyline that takes you through all the zones, ending in Revendreth. Picking a covenant is a fairly permanent choice, and while switching covenants is possible, it won't be something you switch like your talents.

Best Covenant Choice

Before getting to the best covenant choice list, I want to say I believe Blizzard succeeded in making all covenant choices viable (at least for Restoration Druids, I can't speak for other classes/specs). So, if you like the aesthetic, rewards, soulbind options, or covenant abilities from another covenant more than the "best" one, I highly recommend going with what you like most.


The list below is relevant for raiding with the builds listed on the Talents and Builds page.

  1. Night Fae (Convoke the Spirits / Soulshape)
  2. Venthyr (Ravenous Frenzy / Door of Shadows)
  3. Necrolord (Adaptive Swarm / Fleshcraft)
  4. Kyrian (Kindred Spirits / Summon Steward)


The list below is relevant for Mythic+ dungeons using the build listed on the Talents and Builds page.

  1. Night Fae (Convoke the Spirits / Soulshape)
  2. Kyrian (Kindred Spirits / Summon Steward)
  3. Venthyr (Ravenous Frenzy / Door of Shadows)
  4. Necrolord (Adaptive Swarm / Fleshcraft)

Overall Thoughts

Below are my overall thoughts on each covenant and what it's best suited for.


Kindred Spirits can be customized to be more single-target healing focused or more group-healing focused. However, it's not a change you can make quickly in the heat of the moment due to needing to change who you're bonded to. If you bond with another player, you replicate a portion of your healing done to that player after activating the bond. Additionally, if you're bonded with a tank you redirect some of the damage you take to the tank, and if you're bonded with a DPS or healer their spells empower your damage and healing based on the spells they cast. Finally, if you bond with yourself, you instead increase your healing done after activating the bond.

In most cases it makes sense to bond with the tank because they'll nearly always be taking damage, or with yourself for the flat increase to healing done and the ease of use. However, if you can coordinate with another healer, the empowered healing spells can go a long way.

Summon Steward primarily provides a strong healing potion (Phial of Serenity) that removes all disease, poison, curse, and bleed effects.


Adaptive Swarm is a strong persistent healing/damaging ability. In general, the ability should be used on cooldown to keep the maximum number of copies active at all times. To make the ability less random, it prefers targets that have Rejuvenation or Moonfire already active on them.

Fleshcraft is a strong damage absorption effect, which is great for proactively mitigating incoming damage.

Night Fae

Convoke the Spirits is a strong cooldown that can be used for healing or damaging depending on the form you use it in (no form for healing, Cat Form or Moonkin Form for damaging). When used for healing, it will most likely be used reactively either to damage you weren't ready for or after damage has already gone out. However, it can be shifted towards being a more proactive cooldown using a conduit noted in the conduit section below.

Soulshape is great for reactive movement, such as avoiding a boss mechanic or repositioning over long distances.


Ravenous Frenzy is a strong proactive-leaning cooldown that can be used for healing or damaging. Due to the ramp up time, you'll ideally want to use this when you already have several heal over time effects active and will want to plan for your more powerful spells to be healing towards the middle/end of the effect (such as Wild Growth and Cenarion Ward). You'll also want to be casting spells non-stop for the duration of the effect to gain as many stacks as possible while avoiding the negative consequences of being idle.

Door of Shadows is nice for planned movement, especially when running there would take longer than the 1.5-second cast time. It's also great for reaching areas that would be otherwise inaccessible.


Best Soulbind Choice for Each Covenant

Each covenant ends up with three characters whom players can soulbind with. When you soulbind with a character you gain access to a small talent tree unique to that soulbind. This includes both static benefits as well as conduit sockets players can fill using different conduits, detailed further below. Much like covenants themselves, the soulbind options within each covenant all perform similarly enough that you can safely pick the one you like the most if you're not interested in which one is technically the "best." 

Each soulbind links to the path I recommend taking through their trees, however, these are also very flexible.


  1. Kleia
  2. Palegos
  3. Mikanikos


  1. Heirmir
  2. Emeni
  3. Marileth

Night Fae

  1. Dreamweaver
  2. Niya
  3. Korayn


  1. Draven
  2. Theotar
  3. Nadjia

Best Conduit Choices

Conduits are divided into three types, potency, finesse, and endurance. Potency conduits are generally throughput increases. Finesse are generally utility benefits. Endurance conduits are generally survivability increases. All but one conduit is the same across all covenants and soulbinds. The exception is each covenant comes with its own potency conduit that affects that covenant's special ability. You can only use one of each conduit, so stacking the best conduit in multiple sockets isn't possible.

Conduits are obtained from various types of content and their effects become more powerful the higher their item level. The list below assumes all conduits are at the same item level. Additionally, the list below is relevant for any covenant, soulbind, or build from the Talents and Builds page.

Potency Conduits

  1. Unstoppable Growth
  2. Covenant Specific Conduit
  3. Flash of Clarity
  4. Floral Recycling
  5. Ready for Anything

Endurance Conduits

These conduits are pretty flexible if you think something else will fit your situation better.

  1. Well-Honed Instincts
  2. Innate Resolve
  3. Tough as Bark
  4. Ursine Vigor

Finesse Conduits

These conduits are very flexible if you think something else will fit your playstyle or situation better.

  1. Born Anew
  2. Front of the Pack
  3. Born of the Wilds
  4. Tireless Pursuit


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