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Mistweaver Monk Guide

Updated 2 years, 11 months ago for patch 7.3.2 by Tyler. View the change log.

Welcome to my Mistweaver guide! This guide is targeted at new and intermediate players. I will try to lay everything out in plain words while avoiding math and obscure theories. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of any guide page.

Below you’ll find details on how each Mistweaver Monk spell functions and what its best use conditions are.  Monks have a very versatile toolkit that makes them very good at healing in many situations, while having the most mobility options of any healer.  Mistweavers can excel at both Single-target healing, AoE healing, or DPSing while healing based on talent choices. If you have any questions or feedback you can leave a comment at the bottom of the page or tweet @Daemagor. Your main spell should be the one you're using most often during most situations. Read more...

Below you'll find details on how each Mistweaver Monk talent functions and what its best use conditions are. Mistweaver talents allow you to customize your setup for any encounter, be it single-target healing, group-healing, or utility. This information is geared towards new and intermediate players, so I've done my best to avoid lots of math or complex theories. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page or tweet @Daemagor. Read more...

Healing doesn't really have a rotation of spells to go through like a DPS spec does, however, there are often certain types of situations that arise where you can respond in a certain fashion. I've detailed some of the most common situations below, as well as how to heal them. In the heat of battle, you may not always be able to stick to these things exactly, but with a little practice they should become second nature. If you have any quetions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or tweet @Daemagor. Things to always do Cast Renewing Mist on cooldown. Read more...

This page briefly covers the stats that are relevant for a Mistweaver Monk and what kind of things you should look for when gearing up. Feedback is always welcome, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page or tweet @Daemagor. Stat Priority and Relative Weights This is a quick glance at the stats you want. You'll find stat weights in parenthesis next to each stat. You can use these weights on sites like AskMrRobot with decent results. Note: the weights don't always work well with trinkets, so default to your best judgement using the information in the Best in Slot lists. Read more...

This page gives you a brief overview of the Mistweaver Monk artifact weapon, Sheilun, Staff of the Mists, with a focus on what paths you should take when starting out. Feedback is appreciated, you can leave comments at the bottom of the page or tweet @Daemagor. Recommended Artifact Paths, before Empowerment   Initial Path (First 6 Traits): Grabbing The Mists of Sheilun adds some extra healing to Enveloping Mists and Renewing Mists which will help in dungeons and raids. Grabbing Mists of Life will add very good burst healing to a huge defensive cooldown. Read more...

There is an endless amount of addons available for World of Warcraft, and while I encourage you to experiment with your own interface setups, I wanted to write an overview of some addons I use as a starting point. Feedback is appreciated, you can tweet @Daemagor or leave a comment below.

WeakAuras (Spell Alerts)

I use WeakAuras to give me additional visual cues for spell cooldowns and durations.


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June 15, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Reworded AoE tips, tier, and talents.

June 11, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Reviewed guide for patch 7.2.5. Updated BiS lists, stat weights, legendary items, and talent builds.

April 27, 2017 - 10:55 pm (Mistweaver) - Drape of Shame spreadsheet.

April 20, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Added the addons page with WeakAura information.

April 02, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Added Tomb of Sargeras gear and new trinket simulations to the stats and gearing page; updated the empowered artifact traits paths.

March 28, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Added Pawn Import Codes for stat weights.

March 27, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Reviewed and updated the guide for patch 7.2, including talent and legendary changes, and empowered artifact paths.

March 27, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Tweaked "Top legendaries" lists.

February 25, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Updated BiS gear list with minor changes to waist, boots, and chest, along with adding legendary items to the list itself, and major updates to the trinket section.

January 20, 2017 - 12:00 am (Mistweaver) - Fixed "Breakdown by Boss" counts for BiS list.