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Restoration Druid Talents and Builds

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Below you'll find details on how each Restoration Druid talent functions and what its best use conditions are. Druid talents allow you to customize your setup for any encounter, be it single-target healing, group-healing, or utility. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page, contact me, or tweet @PrestonDvorak.

Talent Builds

Use these lists along with the information below to choose your builds! As always, don't be afraid to customize talents to the encounter or your group's composition.



Frequent/Predicable Bursts of Group-wide Damage

This build is focused on being able to use large, group-healing cooldowns frequently. It will work best on fights with frequent, and ideally predictable, bursts of heavy group-wide damage. You should aim to keep your healing cooldowns on cooldown as often as possible without overhealing with them too much. If you notice they're going unused for long periods of time or are frequently overhealing, it's probably worth looking into another build.

  1. Cenarion Ward
  2. Tiger's DashWild Charge (personal preference)
  3. Guardian Affinity
  4. Typhoon / or personal preference
  5. Incarnation: Tree of Life
  6. Inner Peace
  7. Flourish

Healing Over Time

Sustained Group-wide Damage

This build is focused on putting out as many heal over time effects as possible, with the option to buff them with Photosynthesis. This build will work best if there is sustained group-wide damage for large portions of an encounter, or when you don't need as many large cooldowns.

  1. Cenarion Ward
  2. Tiger's DashWild Charge (personal preference)
  3. Guardian Affinity
  4. Typhoon / or personal preference
  5. Cultivation
  6. Spring Blossoms
  7. Photosynthesis

Mythic+ / Dungeons

This build is for Mythic+ and general dungeon content. It can be customized a little bit if you know you're going to need cooldowns other than Tranquility for bursts of damage. In general, the focus is maintaining as many heal over time effects on your group as possible, with added utility for self healing and crowd control.

  1. Cenarion Ward or Abundance
  2. Renewal / or personal preference
  3. Guardian Affinity
    1. Use Feral Affinity for additional DPS in cat form.
  4. Typhoon / or personal preference
  5. Cultivation
    1. Use Incarnation: Tree of Life if an additional cooldown is needed.
  6. Spring Blossoms
  7. Photosynthesis


Talent Information

Level 15 (Tier 1)


Good For

  • situations where direct spot-healing is needed

This talent can significantly increase your single-target and spot-healing efficiency. With Germination being on a more competitive talent tier you may not use it as often as before. Abundance can help fill that gap by making Regrowth more efficient to use frequently.


Good For

This talent is best used when you're single-target healing or are in a small group and feel you need an additional emergency heal. In most large-group settings the other talents in this tier will fill a more natural role. However, you should always take this talent if you take the Soul of the Forest talent in Tier 5.

Cenarion Ward

Good For

  • tank or single-target healing

Generally speaking, Cenarion Ward can be thought of as a second Lifebloom and should often be put on the current tank whenever it's off cooldown. In some cases, you can hold it to put on a player you know is going to be taking significant damage with in the next 30 seconds. Either way, you want it up as much as possible.

Level 30 (Tier 2)

Tiger's Dash

Good For

  • all-around mobility

A great mobility talent that I recommend for most situations. This replaces Dash and is the spiritual replacement for Displacer Beast. While not as powerful as a blink effect, this still allows you to cover a significant amount of ground in a short period of time.


Good For

  • when you need a large, personal heal

Use this talent if you find yourself taking large spikes of damage and you need something more than Barkskin and a healing potion to keep yourself alive.

Wild Charge

Good For

  • flexible mobility
  • flying to players in difficult-to-reach areas

This talent offers a lot of flexible movement options, but they're all slightly harder to make use of than Tiger's Dash. Most of the time, you'll make use of your caster form where you fly to a friendly player's location. Unlike Tiger's Dash, the fact that you're "flying" to the location allows you to move to allies that are across gaps or on different elevations than you.

Level 45 (Tier 3)

From a raiding standpoint, your talent choice in this tier will be almost completely situational depending on the passive effect. There could be fights were the extra damage from Balance or Feral is needed, but it's unlikely. Even less likely is needing to tank something, although I have been an emergency tank on some boss kills! If extra damage is required, Balance will be the best option because you can stay out at range, but it will ultimately be up to you and your raid.

Balance Affinity

Good For

  • encounters where the group is spread out

The extra spell range will be most noticeable on fights where the group is spread out more than 40 yards. This will give all your spells a maximum range of 45 yards.

Feral Affinity

Good For

  • situations that require lots of quick movement

Druids are very mobile healers to begin with, and already have Cat Form / Dash by default, with the option to take Tiger's Dash for even more mobility. Those things make this talent a little less attractive, but it's still something to keep in mind if you feel like you need to move even faster.

Guardian Affinity

Good For

  • situations where you'll be taking any amount of damage

This will likely be the default talent choice in this talent tier. Taking 6% less damage is never a bad thing, and having access to Frenzied Regeneration for additional survival is a plus.

Level 60 (Tier 4)

Mighty Bash

Good For

  • stunning single enemies if no one else can

This is a good choice if there are enemies that can be stunned or need to be stunned and you don't have enough stuns otherwise. It can be difficult to use because it requires you be in melee range of whatever you're stunning, so coordination will be key.

Mass Entanglement

Good For

  • rooting groups of enemies that won't be taking damage

This will work best on enemies that aren't being damaged by anything and just need to be held in place, either for a tank to come pick them up or for a stronger crowd control to hit them. The biggest problem with this talent is the roots will break on even the smallest amount of damage, making it an inconsistent crowd control in most group settings.


Good For

  • keeping enemies away from yourself or the group

This is a good all around talent for any encounters with adds that need to be managed. I consider it a nice compromise between the other two talents in this tier, it's much more consistent and easier to use at range. Note that not all adds will be affected by the knockback or the daze effect, so you'll need to experiment!

Level 75 (Tier 5)

Soul of the Forest

Good For

This talent is great for situations that require sustained, moderate to heavy group-healing when used to buff Wild Growth. I haven't personally found situations where I consistently use it to buff Rejuvenation or Regrowth for single-target healing, but it could be useful if you find your primary job is to heal the tanks. Consider pairing this choice with the Prosperity talent in Tier 1 for added flexibility.


Good For

  • situations where players often drop below 60% health

On paper, this talent seems like it would rarely ever proc at all. However, when doing difficult content (raids, mythic+ dungeons, etc) players often spike below 60% health, which is enough to trigger the heal over time effect. Even casting a fresh Rejuvenation on a player below 60% health instantly applies Cultivation to them. This ends up making it a nice free heal that will buff your other heal over time effects through Mastery: Harmony.

Incarnation: Tree of Life

Good For

  • healing predictable, heavy group-wide damage

This is a substantial group-healing cooldown that works best for predictable damage where you can have heal over time effects active before use. You should try to cast Wild Growth three times while it's active and cast as many Rejuvenations as possible in between. If a player needs critical healing, you can also make use of the instant-cast Regrowth, but don't use it too often because it will quickly drain your mana.

Level 90 (Tier 6)

Inner Peace

Good For

  • encounters where you need to use Tranquility more often

This talent is really strong when it's needed, but only if it's needed. Take it any time your group is lacking large raid cooldowns or you feel using Tranquility one minute faster is beneficial. Otherwise, you'll likely see more benefit from the other talents in this tier.


Good For

  • tank or single-target healing, especially with predictable damage

This is an increase to your single-target healing, allowing you to use Ironbark every 45-seconds. It's great for slowing incoming damage on a tank or helping heal a player when they're already low thanks to the 20% buff to healing over time effects. This is a decent choice if you find yourself filling a single-target healing role, but I feel the other talents on this tier are usually better choices.

Spring Blossoms

Good For

  • group-healing when most of the group is stacked

This talent is best used for situations when most of the group is stacked, which is quite common for melee, meaning you'll likely always see some benefit from this talent. The small heal over time doesn't do a lot by itself but it does count towards Mastery: Harmony, making subsequent heal over time effects more powerful.

Level 100 (Tier 7)


Good For

  • sustained group-healing
  • focused single-target healing

This talent is somewhat flexible, giving you the option to choose between sustained group healing when Lifebloom is on yourself, or focused single-target healing when Lifebloom is on someone else. You'll likely be using this for sustained group-healing most of the time, so that's the situation I recommend it for.


Good For

  • group-healing encounters where the group is spread out or there is frequent movement
  • when small numbers of players need heavy healing

This talent works best in situations where the group is spread out and healers are each responsible for a portion of the group. It's also nice when specific players will need heavy healing over an extended period of time, such as fights where high-damage debuffs are applied.


Good For

  • healing moderate to heavy group-wide damage

This is a substantial group-healing cooldown when used properly. Generally, you'll want to be able to use this just as heavy group-wide damage begins, after you've cast Wild Growth and ideally after casting as many Rejuvenations as possible prior to the damage starting.

It's also nice to have this available after using Tranquility so you can refresh the heal over time effect on all players.

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