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Restoration Druid Enchants, Gems, Consumables

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Below you'll find information on the gems, enchants, and consumables you should be using as a Restoration Druid. In most cases, you should be using whatever corresponds to your lowest secondary stat, but you can find more details below.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can leave a comment below or contact me on Twitter @PrestonDvorak.



The weapon enchant you pick should correspond to your lowest secondary stat.

Quick Navigation - Weapon Enchant (haste)
Masterful Navigation - Weapon Enchant (mastery)
Deadly Navigation - Weapon Enchant (critical strike)
Versatile Navigation - Weapon Enchant (versatility)

Early on in the expansion, I expected Siphoning to be the go-to enchant, but after testing in raids that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm keeping it here as a possible option in the future.

Siphoning - Weapon Enchant


The ring enchant you pick should correspond to your lowest secondary stat.

Pact of Haste - Ring Enchant
Pact of Mastery - Ring Enchant
Pact of Critical Strike - Ring Enchant
Pact of Versatility - Ring Enchant

As cheaper, less effective alternatives:
Seal of Haste - Ring Enchant
Seal of Mastery - Ring Enchant
Seal of Critical Strike - Ring Enchant
Seal of Versatility - Ring Enchant


Kraken's Eye of Intellect

The secondary stat gems you pick should correspond to your lowest secondary stat.

Quick Owlseye (haste)
Masterful Tidal Amethyst (mastery)
Deadly Amberblaze (critical strike)
Versatile Royal Quartz (versatility)

As cheaper, less effective alternatives:
Quick Golden Beryl (haste)
Masterful Kubiline (mastery)
Deadly Solstone (critical strike)
Versatile Kyanite (versatility)




Flask of Endless Fathoms



Bountiful Captain's Feast
Galley Banquet as a cheaper, less effective alternative

Personal Food

Much like with gems and enchants, you should use the food that corresponds to your lowest secondary stat.

Swamp Fish 'n Chips (haste)
Sailor's Pie (mastery)
Honey-Glazed Haunches (critical strike)
Spiced Snapper (versatility)

As cheaper, less effective alternatives:
Ravenberry Tarts (haste)
Loa Loaf (mastery)
Kul Tiramisu (critical strike)
Mon'Dazi (versatility)

Mana Potion

Potion of Replenishment on encounters with enough downtime to make full use of it.
Coastal Mana Potion on encounters with no reliable downtime, or as a cheaper alternative.

Health Potion

Healthstone, created by Warlocks
Coastal Healing Potion when no Healthstones are available

Augment Rune

Battle-Scarred Augment Rune


Use a Battle Potion of Intellect ~1 second before an encounter starts to help DPS before healing is needed. Alternatively, you can also use this during an encounter for a boost to your throughput if you won't need to use a mana potion.

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