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Restoration Druid Corrupted Gear and Effects

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This page gives an overview of corrupted gear effects beneficial to Restoration Druids and the corresponding negative effects that can be gained.

Starting in patch 8.3, most items have a chance to gain a positive effect along with an amount of corruption to offset that effect, similar to the random chance of warforging or titanforging in previous patches. The total amount of corruption on your gear accumulates and leads to more harmful and disruptive effects at higher corruption levels.

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Corrupted Gear Positive Effects

Positive effects on corrupted gear range from static stat increases, to stat procs, to unique effects. Many effects have three tiers, with the highest tier giving the most powerful effect but also the highest amount of corruption. Generally speaking, any single positive effect is worth having versus the amount of corruption it brings, the complicated part comes when balancing the corruption from multiple pieces of gear.

The list below is ranked as if the positive effect is at the highest tier it can be and doesn't take into account having multiple pieces of corrupted gear (more information on balancing corruption levels is available below).

  1. Void Ritual
  2. Racing Pulse
  3. Honed Mind
  4. Severe (with >2000 critical strike rating)
  5. Deadly Momentum (with <2000 critical strike rating)
  6. Surging Vitality
  7. Percent of stat increases (these are all generally equal)
  8. Siphoner
  9. Strikethrough
  10. Ineffable Truth
  11. Glimpse of Clarity
  12. Avoidant

Corrupted Gear Negative Effects

All negative effects are cumulative and gain strength with more corruption.

At more than 0 corruption, Grasping Tendrils gives a chance on taking damage to have your movement speed slowed for 5-seconds.

At 20 or more corruption, Eye of Corruption gives your spells a chance to summon a tentacle that deals increasing damage over time for 8-seconds or while you remain in range. Damage and range are increased with more corruption.

At 40 or more corruption, Grand Delusions gives a chance on taking damage to summon a Thing from Below that pursues you for 8-seconds, dealing heavy damage if it reaches you. Movement speed and damage dealt are increased with more corruption.

At 60 or more corruption, Cascading Disaster causes the Thing from Below to immediately trigger Eye of Corruption and Grasping Tendrils if it reaches you, in addition to the usual damage.

At 80 or more corruption, Inevitable Doom increases your damage taken and decreases your healing received based on the total corruption you have.


Reducing Total Corruption

There are two ways to mitigate your total corruption, allowing you to equip more corrupted items without as many negative effects.

When your Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve reaches rank 15, it will have 50 corruption resistance.

Once your Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve is at rank 15 you can begin collecting one Malefic Core per week to add 3 additional corruption resistance, up to 125 total.

Each of the three new essences (Unwavering Ward, Spirit of Preservation, and The Formless Void) provide 10 corruption resistance when socketed in the Heart of Azeroth. Even with the corruption resistance in mind, it's unlikely you'll have more than one of these socketed at a time.

How much corruption is too much?

In my opinion, having less than 40 unresisted corruption will be manageable in most situations, especially as a healer. I can't think of a situation where gaining an additional positive effect will warrant having more than 40 corruption, but there are always exceptions, so something may come up as the patch progresses!

As an example, if you have your cloak at rank 15, with no Malefic Core upgrades, and one new essence socketed, you could use the following:

This leads to a total of 35 unresisted corruption.

Cleansing Corrupted Items

If you get a corrupted item and aren't interested in the positive effect or just want to use the gear as normal, you can cleanse the item at MOTHER in The Chamber of Heart, accessed from the Titan Translocator in Silithus. You unlock a short tutorial quest, Curious Corruption, after looting your first corrupted item. Cleansing an item removes both the positive effect and the corruption and cannot be reversed.

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