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Features and content added in September 2017

In order to have more transparency about what's going on behind the scenes, I'm going to be doing monthly overviews of what was added and updated during the month. This can include content, back-end systems, and even things like marketing. These articles may be a little rough around the edges, but the goal is to get the point across without spending too much time editing the actual article (which means more time working on the stuff the article talks about).

During September of 2017, the following items were added or updated.

World of Warcraft

Antorus, the Burning Throne guides

The first four healer guides for bosses in the upcoming raid have been added.

Restoration Druid Guide

The addons section of the Restoration Druid guide received a large updated with all of my new WeakAuras.

Invasion Point Guides

The guides for Greater Invasion Point bosses and the biomes themselves were completed this month, with small tweaks happening as I do more and more of the Invasion Points.

Front-end Systems

The following items aren't specific to any game or section, but should be a benefit to some or all people visiting the site

New index pages

Each main section of the site received an update to how they're built, and now display the most recently updated or added content (World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Technology). This looks like a small change from the front-end, but it was quite a large undertaking behind the scenes as I wanted it to be fully automated with the current change log system I have in place. There will be additional fine-tuning happening as time goes on.

Back-end Systems

The following items won't necessarily be available or noticeable by people using the site, but they're still large, notable features that should help out going forward.

New change log system and index pages

As mentioned above, I updated the way change logs are handled in the back-end, which helped facilitate the new index pages, and will eventually lead to better, more descriptive change log entries on guide pages. Before this change, change log entries were added on the "main" guide page, but now they're added on each individual guide page and aggregated to build the full change log list. 


This month was a bit slow on the YouTube side, but I did post a +14 Maw of Souls run.

[LGN] Maw of Souls +14 Mythic, Restoration Druid PoV (Game Sounds Only)

As always, there's also the playlist of all of my archived Twitch streams for the month.


This was the first full month of my 6-days per week streaming schedule, and I'm really enjoying it!

In addition to my usual Warcraft content, I've been completing the Lich King with each class on Hearthstone.

Revenue and Hours worked

The decision to include this section was a hard one. On one hand, talking about money can be tacky, but on the other I do want this to be my full-time job and to be able to support myself with it. With that in mind, I thought sharing my time investment and money earned could help put things in perspective. If you'd like to support the site and stream, there are several methods located on the right-hand side of the page under "Show Additional Support," along with disabling adblock on the site, stream, and YouTube channel.

Approximate Hours Spent Working
Non-streaming activities (website, videos, etc): 180 (Based on 6 hours per day, 7 days per week.)
Streaming: 104 (Based on Twitch stats, ~4 hours per day, 6 days per week)

Total revenue from all sources: ~$11 (ads, tips, patreon, amazon)

That's all for this month! Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.


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