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Features and content added in October 2017

In order to have more transparency about what's going on behind the scenes, I'm going to be doing monthly overviews of what was added and updated during the month. This can include content, back-end systems, and even things like marketing. These articles may be a little rough around the edges, but the goal is to get the point across without spending too much time editing the actual article (which means more time working on the stuff the article talks about).

During October of 2017, the following items were added or updated.

World of Warcraft

Antorus, the Burning Throne guides

Three more healer guides for bosses in the upcoming raid have been added.

Restoration Druid Guide

The Artifact page was updated to include the item level worth of each trait and Crucible ability, along with supporting data. A similar system will be used to calculate the item level worth of trinkets and non-tier sets in the future.

Tomb of Sargeras

The Mistress Sassz'ine and Maiden of Vigilance healer guides received some minor updates and clarifications for Mythic difficulty.

Front-end Systems

The following items aren't specific to any game or section, but should be a benefit to some or all people visiting the site

New gallery system

I've developed a new image gallery system that can handle large amount of images in an easy to browse way that works on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The main use of this will be to share BlizzCon screenshots this weekend!

Amazon Affiliate Localization

All Amazon Affiliate links on the site should now automatically localize to your country's store, if it's available (currently US and UK are available). One bug with this is the localization will not work if adblock is enabled, but I should have a fix for it next month.

Ad display

I spent some time cleaning up the code used to display ads on the site, which should prevent ads from being cut off on mobile devices.

Back-end Systems

The following items won't necessarily be available or noticeable by people using the site, but they're still large, notable features that should help out going forward.

No major unique back-end systems were developed this month, just systems to support the new gallery and Amazon localization mentioned above.


The YouTube channel saw a few notable videos this month, a +15 Court of Stars clear, the Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine kill video, and Mythic Maiden of Vigilance kill video.

[LGN] Court of Stars +15 Mythic, Restoration Druid PoV (Game Sounds Only)

[LGN] Mistress Sassz'ine, Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, Restoration Druid PoV (Game Sounds Only)

[LGN] Maiden of Vigilance, Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, Restoration Druid PoV (Game Sounds Only)

As always, there's the playlist of all of my archived Twitch streams for October.


In addition to my usual Warcraft content, I've continued completing the Lich King with each class on Hearthstone.

I also have a couple funny clips from boss progression in Tomb of Sargeras. One in which I kill our two shaman with a perfectly timed shark, and another in which I got so excited about soaking correctly I murdered the raid on Maiden.

There are also corresponding kill highlights for Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine and Mythic Maiden of Vigilance.

Revenue and Hours worked

I thought sharing my time investment and money earned could help put things in perspective. If you'd like to support the site and stream, there are several methods located on the right-hand side of the page under "Show Additional Support," along with disabling adblock on the site, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel.

Approximate Hours Spent Working
Non-streaming activities (website, videos, etc): 180 (Based on 6 hours per day, 7 days per week.)
Streaming: 113 (Based on Twitch stats, ~4 hours 11 minutes per day, 6 days per week)

Total revenue from all sources: ~$9 (ads, tips, patreon, amazon)

That's all for this month! Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.


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