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About Preston Dvorak and Dvorak Gaming

Ready for life stories as told through video games?! Below you’ll learn more about me and what I’m trying to do with the website, stream, and videos.


Preston Dvorak

I started playing video games with an original Game Boy and NES in the 90’s, eventually picking up all the usual consoles (SNES, N64, PS1, 3DS), some less usual ones (Sega Saturn, Sony PSP), and many of the Game Boy variations. My family got their first PC in 1998, and after learning about the internet through AOL chat rooms and loading MIDI’s on a 56k modem, I picked up Counter-Strike. This is probably the point where they say “and the rest is history.”

The quest for lower pings and higher frame rates led me to pursue PC building as a hobby, something I maintain to this day. With a better PC and the speed of a 128k cable modem, I started playing RPG’s like Neverwinter Nights, which I eventually found online servers for. The slow, meticulous grinding and the ability to write my own story as I went would be consistent themes in most of the games I chose to play going forward. The first notable MMORPG I played was the original Guild Wars, which I played casually with a group of internet friends at the time.

As no surprise, the next notable MMO I played was World of Warcraft. I played a Night Elf Hunter to level 8 before switching to an Undead Warrior I played to level 60, eventually tanking some of the harder end-game content in the classic game (somewhere in there I also played an Undead Rogue). That same year, I had my wisdom teeth removed, and in the anesthetic-induced stupor following that, I created a Tauren Druid. The early levels are a little foggy, but I eventually ended up healing (and decursing) a large portion of the classic raids. Maybe this is the part where they say “and the rest is history?”

Twelve years later, I’m still healing end-game raiding content on my Tauren Druid, Prales (who was briefly a Troll when that was a new thing). I’ve found few other games that meet my requirements of endless grinding and the ability to create my own stories as I play, but of those I’ve found I’ve invested hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours into them. The biggest of those being Diablo 3. I never played Diablo or Diablo 2, but I was immediately captivated by the “grind to gain power to grind even more” style of Diablo 3. In a nod back to my Counter-Strike days, I’ve also played a bit of Overwatch. I enjoy the fast-paced, and almost silly, atmosphere that reminds me of the hundreds of hours spent goofing around on my favorite Counter-Strike servers.

Today, while I often dabble in RPG’s, FPS’s, and other genres, I’m firmly rooted in the Warcraft/Diablo games for the foreseeable future.

Other notable games I like a lot but haven’t played as much: American/Euro Truck Simulator, Cities: Skylines (and many other city builders), Grand Theft Auto series, probably more that’ll be added as I thinks of them!


A website, Twitch channel, YouTube channel, and social media accounts dedicated to video games, technology, and related ramblings.


The website serves as a location for long-term guides and content. With all the effort put into researching, writing, and supporting the content on the website, it’s important it remains relevant for months or years. While it would be cool to do daily articles on the latest developments in gaming, those things will be explored more in real time on the Twitch channel.

Twitch channel

The Twitch channel is meant for shorter-term experiences and content. Most obviously, just playing games, but also for exploring test content, betas, and working out new character builds. All things that could be published in article or video form, but wouldn’t stay relevant for long. It’s also a way to interact with people in real time who may have questions or input about something on the website or YouTube channel.

YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is used for content that supports the website and Twitch channel. At the moment, this includes boss kill videos and stream archives. Once upon a time, the YouTube channel was meant to be home to guides of various sorts, but updating and maintaining guides in video form is significantly more time consuming than having them on the website. As such, the YouTube channel moved into a supporting role.

Social media accounts

The Twitter and Instagram accounts are meant to serve as ways to communicate with anyone who has questions or input related to any content or games.


I work on the website, stream, and make videos from my parent's house in Minnesota. How I’ve survived the “gamer living with his parents” stereotype this long is beyond me. On a serious note, I’ve stuck around because of the hardships me, my mom, and brother have faced over the years, which at least financially, none of use are quite out of yet.


I graduated from college in 2008 and when faced with the fact there were no jobs for me I immediately went to work building my own freelance web development business. Things went reasonably well until 2015/2016 when most of my contracts dried up. Despite being prepared for a slow period, things were slow for far too long. I was eventually tired of writing cover letters all day and decided to work on something new. So, in July of 2016 I built a whole website to serve as the basis of my gaming career. Within the first six months I had a YouTube channel running while also streaming on Twitch. Despite not being able to support myself with gaming yet, I have no plans of stopping as it’s the most enjoyable career I’ve ever had.

Additionally, while I’m not a professional gamer in the sense that I compete at tournaments, I consider myself to be quietly competitive. I often research things or try new things on my own in order to perform better. Rather than keep all my notes and thoughts private, I felt it would be worth sharing them on the website and through the stream.


Website launched in September of 2016.

YouTube channel began receiving regular uploads starting in October of 2016

Twitch streams began in January of 2017.

Social media accounts have been on-going since I started them for personal use.


The website runs on a pre-built content management system (not WordPress, for any hackers reading) and front-end framework, with support from several systems I’ve built myself. There are still a lot of basic systems to be built, but it’s a constant juggling act between creating content and coding new systems. The following languages and structure systems are used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, XML, and MySQL. The website is hosted with A2Hosting and supported with CloudFlare.

Twitch streams are done through OBS with graphics created using Photoshop. Audio is managed primarily through VSTHost and a series of virtual audio cables. More information on the exact setup will be available once my streaming guide is done.

YouTube videos are edited with Adobe Premiere Pro with graphics again created in Photoshop.

You can see a full list of my hardware here.